15 Tips For Landing an IT Job

Mark Freire

19th March 2015

Our training and recruitment team have launched the IT careers of over 4500 people. Here are our 15 Top Tips for getting a new IT job.

1.    Show Your Skills

Employers like to see a practical demonstration of your IT skills. Building a website/software design portfolio or providing testimonials from people whose IT problems you have solved shows employers that you have the potential to succeed.

2.    Simplify Your CV

At Just IT we read a lot of CVs, and only a handful of them really shine. Recruiters and IT managers rarely have time to appreciate a long or fancy CV. Keep the format simple, keep it to 2 pages and focus squarely on your experience and skills.

3.    Get Certified

If you really want to launch a promising IT career then it pays to get professionally qualified. Certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft and CISCO will prove your IT skills and increase your chances of getting a great IT job. Just IT offer a range of training options – many of which come with an 18k – 28k job guarantee (or your money back).

4.    Keep Up With Tech News

Being able to ‘talk tech’ and give your opinion the latest developments across your social media or during interview is a quick way to impress any potential employer. Just make sure you don’t argue too hard when insisting on a point of view.

5.    Brush Up Your Social Media

Your online persona can both help and hinder you from getting that dream job. At the very least make sure your social media gives a good impression and remove any posts or photos which are rude, controversial or contain bad language. Posting about your own IT projects and opinions on the latest tech can greatly increase the chances of job success.

6.    Do Practice Interviews

Our IT recruiters often use practice interviews to prepare candidates for that all important job interview. Practising interview technique and preparing answers for standard questions can make real interviews less stressful and give you the opportunity to shine.

7. Do Your Research

Don’t ever talk to a company without having done your research first. Finding out all there is to know about a potential employer prior to interview shows you are serious about working for them.

8.    Get Career Support Advice

Career support and soft-skills development are key parts of the Just IT training courses. By chatting to a career support professional you can get advice on the best pathways into the industry and personalised advice on where you may need to brush up your skills.

9.    Get Networking

There are plenty of online and offline forums and events for those with an interest in IT. Taking part  is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry, get free advice on breaking in to the sector, and network with those already established in the tech industry.

10.    Volunteer

Showing a passion for IT on your CV is a useful stepping stone to a full time job. Volunteering your IT skills for charities or taking part in large open-source projects demonstrates your enthusiasm, adds some experiene to your CV and helps you improve your skills.

11.    Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often used by IT recruiters to find potential job candidates, or check up on those who have applied for upcoming positions. A good LinkedIn profile will support your CV and taking an active part in LinkedIn Group discussions or publishing your own IT updates will demonstrate your enthusiasm for IT.

12.    Listen To Feedback

Every job interview is an opportunity to learn and refine your approach. If you are rejected from a job then make sure you ask for feedback on where you could have improved your performance. By listening and learning, you will be in a better position to win that next job.

13.    Contact IT Recruiters

Those on our IT training courses work closely with our IT recruitment team. Specialist IT recruitment consultants have daily contact with IT and HR managers so understand what clients look for in potential candidates. Having an IT recruitment company working on your behalf can be a big bonus to your career prospects.

14.    Proof Read Everything

Your CV and cover letter might look great to you, but if it hasn’t been properly proof checked it could be full of mistakes and give a bad impression. Once you have written your job application, make sure you get someone to check it over carefully for you.

15.    Talk To Us

Just IT are trusted by some of the best known IT and media brands in London to fill entry-level networking, support and developer positions. To date, we have launched over 4500 promising IT careers. If you are looking to kick start a career in IT, then talking to one of our career consultants can be a great place to start.

Want to discuss your IT career. Call Just IT now on 020 7426 9835 or check out our Training and Recruitment pages