3 Things As Important As Your CV

Mark Freire

29th October 2014

For getting a new IT job you may think that there is nothing more important than a great CV. Yet in today’s connected and competitive world, there is much more to getting an interview than what is written on paper. Even in the early stages, IT recruiters want to learn as much about a potential candidate as possible and will look well beyond your CV when considering you for a role.

So aside from a sensational CV, what else will help you get that initial interview? Here are 3 things which could be just as important.

Your Google Presence

A search of your name on Google is an easy check for most IT recruiters and employers. They may just want to learn more about you, or check that there are no obvious concerns or conflicts with your CV before short-listing you for interview.

Before you start applying for roles, it’s a smart idea to type your name into Google to see what turns up on a web, image or video search. You may be surprised.

Remember that if there is inaccurate or outdated information about you on a search engine, you can legally request its removal. However, if the information is just unsuitable or embarrassing, you may want to contact the source directly and ask them to take it down.

Your Social Media

Checking your LinkedIn profile is now a standard step for any IT recruiter.  A professional profile picture, well-written summary, endorsements and good connections will help reinforce you as a sound choice for interview. It is also worth checking for any accidental discrepancies between your CV and LinkedIn profile as differences may place question marks over your honesty.

If you are on Facebook check your privacy settings to make sure nothing inappropriate is available publicly.  If in doubt, log-out of your account and do a Facebook search on your own name. Likewise, if you have a Twitter accounts, check that there are no ‘out of context’ tweets which may count against you.

Social media also presents the opportunity to enhance your professional profile. Posting about industry trends and engaging with thought-leaders and other professionals will make a positive impression with any future employer.

Your Communication Skills

After reading your CV and researching you online, an IT recruiter or company will usually call you to discuss the role. How you present yourself and your skills in this first engagement is crucial to the likelihood of being invited to a formal interview.

If you are job-hunting, it pays to only answer your phone if you are able to talk properly. Imagine taking a call for your dream role while you are in a busy shop or in the middle of your morning run. If you let them leave a message, you can call them back at a more appropriate moment.

It is a good rule to consider any communication with a recruiter or company as part of the interview process. This keeps you alert to creating the perfect impression, and avoids the chances of falling into inappropriate language or comments which may push your name off the shortlist.