5 Better Ways To Secure Top Talent.

Mark Freire

2nd February 2015

We are entering a candidate short market in IT recruitment. Top talent is getting harder to find as companies work harder to retain good employees and super candidates get to choose between competing offers.

So what can you do make sure the best hires come your way? Here are our top 5 tips for those serious about securing top IT talent.

1.Use your social media

Social media has great potential for marketing your business to customers. But it is also key in attracting new staff. While candidates will look to your website to learn about your business and what you do, social media provides a great opportunity to showcase the personality of your company. Posting from ‘behind the scenes’ and capturing some of your offices’ lighter moments not only has great marketing potential but will also give possible employees a positive flavour of working amongst your team.

2.Concentrate on the benefits

No one is going to argue that salary isn’t important. But when it comes to competing head-to-head for a top employee, company benefits is where you can gain a competitive advantage. Companies which are generous and innovative with their company offerings will reap the rewards in terms of hiring and retaining the best talent. Not sure which benefits are most important? A survey of your existing staff will usually point the way.

3.Have a clear hiring schedule, but be ready to move fast

Good senior candidates are rarely sitting around waiting for a job offer so timing is absolutely crucial. Firstly, plan ahead. It can take a while to find the right fit so start looking well in advance of needing the role filled. Secondly, once you start interviewing have a clear and structured timetable. How you communicate and handle the recruitment process is a key indicator to potential employees on what it will be like to work for you. Mess them around and they will be reluctant to commit. Thirdly, be ready to move quickly. There is often a very small window of opportunity to secure the very best talent so when you see the right person move quickly and decisively to sweep them off their feet and into your business.

4.Invest in your equipment

Unsurprisingly, those working in IT are all about the tech. Very few candidates will feel that they can push forward their IT career using equipment from the last decade. Providing the very latest kit and workstations can be an irresistible draw to true techies and allow them to fully deliver on their promise as a top employee.

5.Take a look around the office

When you work in the same environment day-on-day it can be easy to become blind to how it looks to fresh eyes. Yet the guided walk around the office is a key part of any recruitment process, and can make or break your chances of securing a candidate. So before you start on any hiring, take an objective look around the office; the old pictures, the lack of natural light, the absence of plants, the way the desks are organised, the pile of cups in the kitchen, the state of the carpets, the dusty and rarely used fuss-ball table. This is where any new employee will spend a greater part of their working day so it is crucial your office space makes the perfect first impression.

At Just IT Recruitment we have over 15 years experience of securing top IT talent so if you are looking for that next big hire give us a call. With a no win, no fee search service, there really is no better time..