5 Common Habits Employers Need to Stop

Katherine Scrowther

9th May 2016

Whether or not employers are regular hirers of talent, it’s important that the recruitment process is continually reviewed. The market for candidates is constantly evolving, and it’s important that you are aware of this and adapt accordingly. 

A good employer will need to shake up their procedures by thinking outside of the normal. If employers are having difficulty finding the right candidates, it could be the bad habits that have formed through their advertising, or are the expectations of the ideal candidate now looking unrealistic? Here are some bad habits that employers should stop.


Not sticking with key requirements 

It’s easy to create a wish list, and sometimes when the job description has been designed, you now have a set of skill requirements that are not actually needed to do the job. The requirements for the role should be taken in context of what is actually needed in the short to medium term, not what may be needed in the future. If you want a graduate calibre candidate – ask yourself why. Is it because others in the business have been to university or is it an essential aspect of the role? Being stringent on what is actually essential allows for far greater diversity.

Not all candidates want the same thing 

Do you actually want a career hungry go-getter? If your business is capable of progressing people all of the time, then it would be reasonable to expect someone who wants to progress within a company. However, if you assume that someone who doesn’t want a promotion every year is not going to add value, then is this a view that is merited in relation to your team or department? Not being clear and asking the wrong questions could be what loses you a great candidate.

Job adverts are all the same 

“Now where was that job description I used last year?”. Using an old description is not necessarily going to make the opportunity look that appealing – especially if a lot of the facts are out of date. Those who are good candidates will take the time to do their research which is why it’s important to make sure your adverts are attractive and professional.

You may just want to use an advert from before that worked well for you last time, but is it a really good starting point for the role you’re hiring for now?

Dealing with response 

If you have a high quality and interesting role, then it comes to no surprise when the advert gets a huge response very quickly. However, how many of those applicants are of good quality? It can be easy to fall into the trap of not having dedicated time to go through each one of them, meaning that the task can get backed up or repeatedly put down on the priority list – be diligent. A great candidate could be hidden in the volume of response and you could end up not contacting them for days, even weeks, maybe never. This would put the candidate off the process altogether.

I’ve just seen your CV! Come in for an interview tomorrow at 9 

When someone sends through their CV, it doesn’t always mean that they are ready for an interview whenever. Your approach and flexibility in the hiring process makes a huge impression on a prospective employee, so work with them on designing a process that works for both of you in a timeline that’s realistic and gives the best possible change of successfully hiring.

Here at Just IT Recruitment we help employers find the right candidates by advising on their hiring process. We can match the right candidate to the role and we make sure your requirements are taken into consideration. If you’re looking to further your recruitment procedure, give us a call today on 020 7426 9835 or visit our website here to find out more information about us.