5 simple sayings to keep positivity

victoria worrell

19th January 2017

We’ve all been in a situation where everything appears to have fallen apart and there’s nothing left to salvage. There is one thing that can change the whole situation around. Your attitude.

Our outlook on life and events is pivotal to whether an event is a success or failure and our reaction to the perceived result. To be confident and positive should not be confused with being unrealistic and arrogant. It is viewing a situation that has a light at the end rather than all or nothing. Whether or not you believe in the laws of attraction, being pessimistic from the beginning tends to bring a negative outcome rather than seeing what can be achieved and pushing yourself to obtain it.

Positivity can be infectious and these 5 simple sayings – if said with a smile, a genuine one – can brighten up someone’s day and make you feel good in the process too.


This might not seem important and this little word is so often overlooked, especially at work when you’ve got a busy day and just want to tackle your tasks. Take a few seconds away from work to say ‘hello’ and you’ll be amazed by how your mood changes as well as the recipients.

“How are you?”

Now you’ve opened up a conversation between you and your colleague, go one step further and ask how they are. This will make the recipient feel appreciated and if they’re having a bad day they won’t feel so alone as someone is asking after them. That question might have been exactly what they needed to escape their thoughts and talk about it.

“Sounds great”

It isn’t always easy to put an idea forward just in case you receive rejection after. When a colleague discusses their idea or even how they approach a task, don’t be too hasty to critique them. If you don’t agree or think it can be improved upon say ‘sounds great/ really good. Have you thought of…’ this way you are still encouraging, offering positive feedback and strengthening their concept, showing the value of their work.

“Can I help?”

At times we feel that nobody else has as much work as we do and that nobody can understand the pressure we’re under. If you take a look around the office, you’ll notice that everyone is fighting their own battles too.
When you’re not too busy with your own workload and you see that another member of your team is struggling ask if they need help. This little question, even if declined helps the recipient more than you realise. They’ll feel supported, cared for and part of a team, in turn making them feel more positive and able to achieve their goal. In future when they see you overloaded, they will return the favour and ask you.

“Thank you”

Positive people show appreciation and gratitude when they should and by saying thank you after someone has helped you, no matter how big or small, reflects your appreciation for what they’ve done. These two words can lift someone’s mood as you are recognising the value they have added. It will also make you feel better too as you’re not judging, critiquing or simply not acknowledging how that person has aided you. Make you and another feel good, it only takes two words.

Next time you feel the negativity creeping remember “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”- Winston Churchill.