Are we as diverse as we think we are?

victoria worrell

8th November 2016

The Diversity in Tech conference which was held on 6th October 2016 in London discussed how the capital’s tech businesses growth and development are being hindered by the lack of diversity that is occurring within them. As the tech industry is increasingly looking towards London for investment, organisations need to incorporate what the city is celebrated for, being a multicultural and diverse landscape.

Compared to other industries the tech sector is paving the way in creating a more diverse workforce. The 2016 Women in Tech Leadership index found that a fifth of London tech companies still do not have a single woman at board level. With less than a quarter of women holding senior roles in nearly half (48%) of tech organisations, there is still work to be done.

Accenture research, published in August of this year highlighted that women of board level within tech organisations are twice as likely to have professional tech experience compared to men. This is certainly the case in the UK with 9% of men and 18% of women within senior positions holding previous industry experience. These results debunk the myth that women in tech do not exist however, it also raises questions around why there are not more women at board level if they hold the experience needed.

The Technology and digital industry is only going to continue to evolve and develop, with more attention on London becoming one of the main hubs for innovation. New skills will be required as new roles are created to compensate for the latest products being tested and created. Organisations will need to hire the talent with the expertise, which according to the recent research, appears to be women.

By embracing the capital’s own diverse and inclusive culture and inputting into their own recruiting process, tech companies of London will be pioneers not only in their field but of workplace diversity.