Are You Looking To Fast Track Your Promotion?

Katherine Scrowther

1st April 2016

Are you looking to fast track your promotion? 


If you’re an ambitious individual then your main goal in the workplace will be to move up by being offered that promotion you have been waiting for. Not all promotions come as quickly as others, some take time.

All you can do is be the best you can be, but there may be other ways you can do this. Here are a few strategies you can use to try and fast track you up the ladder.

Create your own opportunities 

Although you have a specific role, it doesn’t mean you have to fully stick with it. Be creative and add your own input within a task. Showing initiative is what employers like, if you can deliver the tasks you have been given, that’s good, but if you can make them better, that’s great.

Being a team player is exceptionally important, more so if your job role consists of working with others. It’s important to show that you have an interest in what your colleagues are saying and what ideas they’re suggesting. If you’re one for running the show all the time, it can come across as domineering. Taking lead whilst engaging with other members of your team makes you a good team player, and those are generally the people that make their way up in a company. Build trust and become the go to person – people who deliver will keep being given opportunities.

Establish a bond with your boss 

Promotions come with the proven record of good work ethics. Not everyone wants to move up in a company, some simply prefer to remain in the role they’re in, whilst aspiring individuals are eager to make their way up. Having a good relationship with your boss is key, for starter, you need to make sure your boss understands what you’re doing and what benefits you are bringing to the business whilst being there. Communicating with your boss on a regular basis and showing that you are organised and have your workload under control will gain his/her trust.

Positive attitude/professionalism 

Presenting yourself is important. How you present yourself is how others portray you as an individual. Coming to work dressed smartly, speaking politely, having a professional manner and showing good organisation will not only demonstrate to others that you are a professional in your job, but it will also help make you aware of what you’re worth too. Stay focused on doing your job to the best of your ability rather than a promotion – this shows great attitude and a care about the details of your job role.

Ask for more responsibilities 

You know when it’s time to move up, and that’s when your work tasks seem to become a bit too easy to complete and you know you’re completing them quicker than you ever used to – this can become a bore to your job role. Asking for more responsibilities gives your manager the hint that you need more to do and there are other key areas you would like to focus on. This will help expand your skills and push you towards the next tier in your career.

Acquire new knowledge and skills 

Showing that you’re hungry for success and you want to learn all the key elements relevant to your job role and industry demonstrates that you enjoy a challenge – this is a great quality to have as an employee. You are thinking outside the box and you want to develop your existing skills and build new ones. Showing an interest in the company’s core values and skills will allow you to be creative and come up with other ideas or solutions the company can use for their benefit.

Build your network 

Sometimes it’s about who you know and not what you know. Having good engagement with other members of staff shows that you’re a good communicator. If you’re known as a problem solver, showing leadership and a reliable colleague, then they can help by giving good feedback about you to your manager. Also, going to networking events and meeting other people who are in the same industry as you is beneficial. You can build relationships with others to aid the business and keep up with the latest industry trends.

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