Can you Win The global Talent War?

Katherine Scrowther

14th March 2016

The number of industries being affected by the skills shortage is increasing. The skills the economy is missing in certain jobs is going up and becoming more varied. It has taken a toll on businesses in the UK and more and more employers are struggling to fill the talent gap they have within their companies. According to a recent report from the government, IT and Development remains one of the core industries facing a skills shortage. 

The situation has started to become damaging towards the way a business operates, and there is danger that in the short term it will only become worse. There are vacancies always available for Developers and people in IT, but because of how small the talent pool is, they are not being closed. There have been a number of initiatives to help the situation by starting to teach coding and more advanced tech in schools, but this isn’t a quick fix as teachers will also need a lot of knowledge in this area to ensure students are being taught the right kind of skills. Any coding languages at the schooling stage are most likely to be out of date when they eventually join the workplace.

How to counter the skills shortage 

The detachment between the UK’s education system and what companies need is not likely to resolve in the short term, meaning companies will have to look at alternative ways to recruit the right people for their open positions. Although it’s not a situation that will go away overnight, there definitely are actions a company can take in order to retain and gain the best quality available to them.

Good hiring process

The hiring process is the first opportunity for an employer to make an impression. In order to bring in great candidates, an attraction plan has got to be there from the start. There are many ways to create a good hiring process; job advertising is important and it’s effective to define the expected standards and the level of performance required as well as highlighting Unique Selling Points.

Getting to know candidates during the hiring process is really important and you should take time to learn about them properly. Test the candidate’s ability before you hire them by conducting a short test or getting them to carry out a presentation in order to ensure they are at the level they claim to be.

You have one chance to make a good impression and that will be through the first interaction with a candidate who has higher expectations than ever before, which is why communication is key. Keep in contact, make those follow-up calls and appear friendly and professional in the interview stage. Remember, candidates will judge you as much as you will judge them.

Make the company brand attractive 

People will talk about your brand which is why it’s important that what people are saying is good. The focus should be balanced around what your ex-employees are saying, as well as current. Find out what people want from you including your clients and customers. Use rich media for your company such as attractive pictures, blogs and videos as a way of expressing the company’s culture.

Employees are important and it’s good to know what they love about the company and you can use these facts to your advantage. Show that you trust your employees by giving them the freedom of writing about you on social media.

Show your success by posting accomplishments such as winning company awards or a team on a night out celebrating a fantastic quarter. Make yourself look dynamic and appear to be the company everyone wants to work for.

Look in new places for talent 

Try different approaches to hiring, as sometimes this can be a better way to draw in talent to your company’s doors. There are many ways you can do this, you can change agency if you feel that the one you are currently using isn’t delivering as well as you thought it would or you could start advertising in different places, or via media you haven’t used before.

Don’t be too set on what type of candidate you want as this may stop you seeing the potential in other candidates. Everyone has their own talent. Going into the hiring process with an open mind will allow you to analyse everyone and give everyone a chance in the interview stage.

Considering candidates from other EU countries could potentially work well for your business. Remember, English fluency can be quick to teach, but existing technical skills are a necessity. You might find someone who has an outstanding portfolio, but their English isn’t quite clear – you could try and find a solution around this for ways they can learn the language fast.

At Just IT Recruitment, we can advise you on your hiring process and help you find the right talent you are looking for. If you’re looking to get ahead of the global talent war, give us a call today on 020 7426 9835.