Which Characters Make The Perfect Team?

victoria worrell

29th November 2016

When looking to build your team, you want to make sure that you have the strongest skillset and most talented. You also need to know that your team will work well together, so the question that needs answering is, what people do you need when developing yours?

Inspirational speaker, Allison Mooney believes that there are four categories of personality; The Playfuls, The Peacefuls, The Powerfuls and The Precises.

The Playfuls are creative, innovative and enthusiastic. Great for networking as they are extroverts. They look for attention, approval and affection.

The Peacefuls are calming, easy-going and patient, however they are hard to read. To bring out the best in a Peaceful you need harmony in your team, they need to be shown respect and feel they are valued.

The Powerfuls are the risk-takers. They’re productive, assertive and look to do things their own way. Renowned for being impatient and always looking for their next goal, Powerfuls crave loyalty, appreciation and credit.

The Precises are the fourth group who are meticulous when it comes to structure and order. They are perfectionists at heart who work best when left alone, in quieter environments and need a sensitive approach when being managed.

To have a team of all four characters would be the perfect set as each of their strengths overcomes the others weakness. But how do you accommodate to such an array of personalities?

Find out how they learn best


To manage a team effectively you need to understand each of your staff’s character traits, playing to their strengths and working on their weaknesses. Sit down with your employees and ask how best they like to work or set them a task and watch how they achieve it; do they learn through visual aids, being told or kinaesthetically?

Understanding how your employees learn will help you build relationships with characters that might be initially difficult to gauge such as The Peacefuls. It will also lead you to form a stronger bond with your team, in turn helping them to work closer together.

Cater to different character needs


As people learn differently, it’s inevitable that they work better in different environments too. To accommodate, ensure that your office is set up to cater to each of the personality types on your team. Creating small breakout areas, quiet spaces or even an entertainments corner can help to bring out the best of your employees. Build a comfortable space that adheres to each character’s wants and needs.

Adopt the appropriate communication technique


To build the relationship with and amongst your team you need to know how to approach each employee when discussing their work and developing them further. Powerfuls like to be challenged and pushed whereas a Playful may see this in a negative light and retract into themselves, stopping them from achieving their potential.

Conducting regular 1:1’s and listening to them will help you to identify where your team members excel and where they may need support. This will also aid you in becoming a better manager, showing your team that you care and respect them.

One size doesn’t fit all

There is no set way to successfully manage a team, especially when dealing with multiple characters that work differently and possess opposing needs. The solution may not have been found yet but, one way of achieving a highly skilled and effective workforce is by understanding your team on an individual level and working with them to pull out their potential. Don’t get lazy and always communicate to them as a group – give each the time with you to maximise the level of effective communication in the team.

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