How To Find Your Passion At Work.

Mark Freire

30th June 2017

Do you absolutely love your job? If not, then there may be something you can do about it

By understanding yourself better you could uncover the secret of making yourself happier at work – all without the need to change your company, your role, or your manager.

Here are 6 tips for discovering your hidden passion for your job

1. Understand your motivations

Which aspects of work make you the happiest. Is it the money? The problem solving? The teamwork? The access to technology? The satisfaction of a job well done? Or even the walk to the office? By understanding which parts of work are most rewarding, you can focus your energy on maximising these elements within your working life. Communicating these motivations to your manager and team can also help them build your role around the very things that make you happiest.

2. Create a clear progression plan

One of the chief causes of job dissatisfaction is lack of progression. While it is easy to blame your company or manager for lack of opportunities, it’s worth thinking whether you really have a clear plan for your own career. After all, your career is ultimately your own responsibility. So think about what progression means to you – is it about the tasks you do, the responsibility, the status, the pay rise, or something else? Creating some one, three and five year career objectives and a plan to achieve them can provide the focus and energy you need to progress.

3. Think about your team

According to research by Harvard and Notre Dame Universities, the act of giving can make a huge impact on happiness. It is a perfect experiment to try at work. Whether it is taking the time to show someone new the ropes, or becoming a mentor for junior team members, making the effort with those around you may deliver much more in return. You may even find that your company has opportunities to do more giving so keep an eye out for company initiatives such as buddy programmes, or requests for volunteers.

4. Get in with the giveback

Does your office have a community or charity group? If they do then perhaps you should get involved. If they don’t, then perhaps you should start one. Engaging with outside groups can introduce diversity and interest into the workplace, but more importantly can give work additional meaning beyond just delivering on money making projects for managers and shareholders.

5. Push forward innovation

Be the change you want to see. If your work doesn’t excite you, then perhaps you should try to make it more exciting. With the fast pace of technology and innovation, there may be opportunities to automate or remove some of your more boring work tasks; freeing your time for more of what you enjoy. Take a fresh look at everything you do and ask yourself ‘Could this be done quicker, smarter and better?’

6. Shift your work/life balance

Is work simply taking over too much of your life? To get more enjoyment from work you may simply need to balance your time and interests better. Setting yourself fixed hours for work can make you more productive and also give you enough time to get out the office and do something else with your day such as exercise or spending time with the family. When work complements your life, rather than commands it, happiness may be just around the corner.

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