Go Further In Your Career In 2018

Mark Freire

29th January 2018

The new year is traditionally a time to focus your efforts, start something new or generally make a change for the better.

You might have started a new hobby or diet for 2018, or perhaps you’ve quit booze for January. But it’s important to try new things in other parts of your life too, including your professional world.

By simply adjusting your approach and attitude slightly for the new year, you could make significant progress in your professional life.

With that in mind, we’ve got 6 top tips to help you go further in your career in 2018.

1. Unclutter your workspace

A clear desk is a clear mind. You’ll be able to focus your attention on your work and career goals, by removing the clutter and distractions from your workspace. Plus, a cluttered desk has a big impact on your image within your work place. Do you really think your manager isn’t judging the stacks of paper across your desk?

It might not feel like it, but this untidiness can have an impact on your attention span, making you work less efficiently. So, by taking five minutes to tidy your desk up, you’ll feel and work better.

2. Take advantage of mentoring

Whether it’s your manager, a colleague or even someone outside of work, having a mentor can provide you with many benefits. Listen to how they got to the position they’re in now: What tips do they have for you? How do they think you can reach your goal? Even just as someone to bounce off your ideas about your career progression, a mentor can have a significant influence on your career path.

Ultimately, everyone has something they can teach you, so give your mentor the time of day and it will pay its dividends in your career.

3. Keep up to date with the latest

Knowledge is power, so by ensuring you’re always informed with the latest information, you’ll always be one step ahead. Take time to identify current events that will affect your work and company, and keep an eye on the latest headlines. You could even bookmark useful news sites on your web browser, so that you can quickly flick through them when you have five minutes.

You never know when checking the news might put you ahead.

4. Ask for feedback

It’s great to keep plodding along, achieving everything required of you, but how will you know if you’re doing enough to progress?

It can be intimidating, but by asking for feedback you can gauge how well you’re doing and gain insight into what you need to be doing to advance your career. If you get negative feedback, focus on how you can improve. If you get mostly positive feedback, ask if there’s anything that could be added to bring it to the next level.

5. Collaboration, not competition

Take advantage of your colleague’s skills and knowledge instead of seeing them as competition.

Work together if given the choice, as it will give you both the opportunity to learn and grow. Your temptation might be to try and outshine them, but by playing to each other’s strengths you can create the best possible piece of work in a timely manner.

6. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver

It’s no good mastering these other tips if you’re not delivering on your work.

Make sure you arrive punctually, and focus on your tasks one at a time to maximise your efficiency. If you find yourself distracted then move desks, or put in earphones to give yourself complete focus on the task at hand. At work, you will be known for the quality that you provide, by being consistent and determined.

There are dozens of other ways you can go further in your career this year, and every job is different, but if you focus on these fundamentals you can make sure that 2018 is the year that you’re noticed for your hard work and tenacity.

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