Four Years Of Building A Great Place To Work

Lee Dempster

11th May 2017

Last week, Just IT Recruitment was accredited for the 3rd consecutive year as an official ‘Great Place To Work’.

It’s an achievement which has given me a chance to reflect on how we got here. Just over 4 years ago, I joined a small owner managed IT recruitment company with a handful of staff recruiting junior candidates into technology. Fast forward just 48 months, and Just IT Recruitment is a multi-award winning business offering services across Development, Technology, Operations, and has just launched dedicated Contracts teams to support our permanent solutions for junior and senior roles.

During this journey, it would be fair to say that not everything went right – wow, that’s an understatement. We hired some people that were not right, and lost some people that were. We delivered above our customers’ expectations, but very occasionally missed our own standards which is always frustrating and disappointing. Most tellingly of all, I went from brown haired to silver – a lot of silver.

Growing a business is like being a parent. In the great times, you have those amazing rollercoaster moments when they do something completely unexpected or step up suddenly beyond your expectations. In the more difficult times, you still love them and want to nurture and teach how not to repeat the behaviours that got them into trouble. More than anything you want to see them become the adult you know they can be, but it sometimes tests every bit of energy and commitment you have.

As we rebranded the business to JITR last year and continued to invest in the company, we did it as I felt we had gone through the troublesome teens into a more mature period of life. We had built a name for ourselves in how we delivered innovative solutions, our honest communication, and how much we cared about getting the job done to the best of our ability. It doesn’t mean that we don’t slip up – of course we do – and like any other person who cares about their business I lay awake at night thinking how we can improve the next time. Yet both financially and in skills we are in a great position to push on with our growth without losing what makes us a Great Place to Work.

So – what have been my learns from the last 4 years? Believe in your plan, get the best people for your business (being a Great Place to Work will help with that), surround yourself with advisors who are completely honest in their feedback, and try your very hardest to offer service and respect to your customers in line with the high standards you have set. It is an amazingly valuable experience to have the business audited externally by Great Places to Work and particularly the emphasis they place on their Trust Index – a measurement of how our team members feel within the business. This information makes sure we continue to drive improvements, as we have done over the last 3 consecutive years of Great Places to Work.

So to all of you that have supported us in the last 4 years, we look forward to another great 4 years – and, who knows, I may yet invest in some “Just For Men”.