Helping your colleagues is the key to happiness at work

victoria worrell

8th December 2016

When work is getting on top of you and your happiness during working hours is starting to dwindle, help your colleagues. It might not appear to be the first thing that springs to mind when looking to smile at your desk but a recent survey by CV Library proves this to be an effective strategy.

That’s right, make someone else happy and you in-turn will become happy too

Over two thirds of respondents carry out good will gestures when feeling down and 84% said that their fellow co-workers then return the favour – making two people happier rather than the initial one. With 90.5% of respondents believing that being selfless and helping others makes work a more enjoyable place to be, it seems this theory should be followed in practice.

What counts as a gesture?

Survey respondents ranked supporting others with work as the best form of goodwill with 67%, followed by making a simple cup of tea or coffee as second (42.3%) and complimenting others on their work (34.9%). The results show that it doesn’t take a lot to make the working day a little brighter for both you and a fellow colleague.

As it’s the season of goodwill we’ve put a list of the top ways of spreading joy through December and to keep those January blues at bay:

• Supporting your colleague with their work

• Making cups of tea and coffee

• Complimenting colleagues on their work

• Providing constructive feedback

• Greeting people with a smile

• Helping colleagues when their workload is too much

• Teaching others new skills

• Covering colleagues shift(s)

• Bringing in snacks for your team

• Sending funny, light-hearted emails

Next time you’re at your desk feeling down look to your co-workers and cheer them up as well. After all, one is the loneliest number but with two happy people you’ll have a lot more fun during 9-5.

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