It’s Hot Out There – Don’t Let Your Hiring Melt Your Ambitions.

Lee Dempster

6th June 2017

It’s a busy Technology and Digital marketplace – there I stated the obvious. Most of you will be aware of this, and those that aren’t well at least that statement will help you.

Let’s get some other facts on the table;
–  Cyber security is in big demand
–  DevOps is huge
–  Virtual and augmented reality is booming
–  Cloud engineers are wanted – by almost everyone
–  Almost everything is in big demand

If you are competing for talent, what are you competing against?
–  There are 50,000 Development roles advertised currently
–  There are over 20,000 IT/Telco roles currently live
–  The contract market is on a huge growth curve
–  There is a continuous decline in candidate availability

What does all this mean?
Huge demand + Limited skilled supply = get your hiring strategy right!

Candidates in technology and digital are fully aware of how popular they are. When they are feeling down and need a pep up they can just post their CVs online and BAM! Their email and phone will go red hot with resourcing, talent acquisition, HR , and recruiters all contacting them in moments. Seriously, this gets so busy that the candidates typically take their CVs off in hours of posting. Test it, write up an Android Developer CV and post it out – see if I’m telling you the truth.

Candidates know they have a world of opportunity and will be extremely fussy on what they do, who they do it for, and the experience they receive engaging in a hiring process.

What’s a hiring strategy?
If you don’t know what the market is doing, then you really could end up with problems getting the right person, on budget, at the right time. Your hiring plans need to have as many touch points in the market as you can achieve. It is an incredibly noisy market, and unless you can shout like an Apple (imagine them posting an IOS Developer role working with Tim Cook – now that’s a noise) you will have to work out how your whisper can be heard in all this noise.

Ok – so let me give you something to work with here! Here are 10 hints on playing it cool in a hot market.

1)   Advertise the role – but remember if you do it as an admin task then it’s likely to be boring as hell and nobody will read it!

2)   A job description is a representation of your company and the role you want someone to do – it’s not a wish list of all the skills that exist in the world. Be realistic as to the priorities you need.

3)   Please don’t use crap descriptions – “Ninja, Guru, and Master” are overused buzzy words and are not taken seriously…….ever. I used them when I played dungeons and dragons but that is unlikely to get me a job so clients and candidate take note.

4)   Direct hiring strategies can work. I know, I said it and I’m a recruiter. Onsite teams, direct resourcing teams, Talent acquisition partners, HR business partners can all scout the market, build a network and target talent. The problem is a lot of these people have a huge workload of other roles and line managers demanding priority. Typically, they don’t deep delve a market so cannot get to the hard to find talent.

5)   Think that engaging recruiters through a transactional low priced, multi-agency model will invigorate and stimulate anyone to come up with a time intensive solution to meet your hiring needs – seriously? You think that is going to be likely?

6)   You get the candidate’s application – hurrah, and then you communicate with them like they should bow down to the greatness of your generosity – they seriously won’t. Be timely and engaging.

7)   Don’t use an unskilled person who doesn’t know a Python Engineer from a Pylon Engineer to evaluate the skills and engage during “screening”. Why would you do this…why? Guaranteed to put experienced candidate off – immediately. Use your tech talent – it really works.

8)   Don’t make up the hiring process as you go along adding more people and interview rounds as nobody seems to want to decide…or you just want to make doubly sure. Read the facts above – when these candidates come into the market they will have plenty of options. You engage a process, explain it to them, give timelines and execute it flawlessly!

9)   Interviews are a 2-way communication process. They are about finding a mutual fit, and as much as you want to see if they are right for you, the candidate is evaluating you so you need to present the features and benefits of working there.

10)  I know you don’t like it – but salaries and rates reflect the market, and in this market, they are on the rise so be very clear on your budget or ensure a budget holder meets the candidate so negotiations can be more constructive.

The technology and digital market will continue to grow and skilled candidate availability will continue to decline – so get your thinking heads together and come up with your plans, and remember that I wrote this without even selling my company. Even though we are an award-winning Technology and Digital recruiter offering perm and contract solutions in an innovative and creative way.

Sorry – I couldn’t help myself.