How To Network Your Next Hire

Mark Freire

30th March 2015

In a candidate short IT market, a job board advert will only get you so far. Those actively seeking employment are only the very tip of a much larger iceberg. The real talent is often hiding away, dissatisfied with their current employment but not yet motivated enough to seek out something new.

So how do you find these potential new superstars? The fact is you may already know them. At Just IT Recruitment our strength is in the huge network of contacts and potential candidates we have built up over 14 years as an IT specialist, but in today’s interconnected world even the smallest or newest of businesses will usually have a useful web of connections; people who know your brand, or know people who know your brand. The opportunity and challenge is in how you harness this network.

5 Tips For Harnessing Your Network

1.    Get Onto LinkedIn – Be Pro-active!

Every recruiter knows that LinkedIn is a great tool for engaging potential candidates. Investing time now in building up your profile and connections will pay dividends when you need to tap into that network looking for talent.

LinkedIn offer a range of tools for engaging potential candidates. A strong company page with regular updates will show people what is great about your company and provide a platform on which to post your upcoming jobs. You can also post opportunities as updates through your personal profile and encourage those who work for the company to do the same. Finally you can search and explore your connections looking for people with the skills and experience you are looking for and make a connection to start a much larger conversion.

  2.    Advertise On Your Website

Consider how many visits your website gets each week. How many of these people looking at your brand could make a good potential employee, or may know someone who would? Rather than hide opportunities away in a small ‘work for us’ section, more and more companies are promoting upcoming opportunities on their main site pages to grab the attention of people who may know them and are browsing about them.

By drawing attention to the fact you are hiring, you may invite approaches from people who already know and admire your brand. These could be people who wouldn’t usually apply for a job, but may make an exception just to work for you.

3.    Tap Into Your Current Employees’ Networks

If you look after your people, then the chances are they will be the biggest advocates for your business and help you find good candidates. However to tap into these networks it helps to have the support of a compelling reward system. This gives you access to quality candidates recommended by your employees who typically are not active in the market. It is unlikely to cover every job role, but quality people tend to know quality people.

4.    Re-engage With Former Employees

People leave their jobs for all sorts of reasons, and many smart businesses continue to stay in touch with former employees long into the future. Afterall, they could end up working for a potential customer or new partner. At the very least, they are likely to have new networks and connections independent from your own company so may know someone just right for your vacancy.

Depending on the reasons for their departure, it can also be worth considering tempting back talented staff into a new position.

5.    Get Word Of Mouth Going

How many people do you make contact with everyday? Whether on email, on the phone, on social media, or at events, you probably engage with hundreds of other people from your own and unconnected industries. Any number of these people may be looking for a new opportunity, or know someone who is.

It is difficult to predict the results, but making a point of asking whether your contacts know someone suitable can help you get the word out and tap into a whole new set of networks and contacts.

Need To Tap Into A Bigger Network?

At Just IT Recruitment the strength of our network and relationships ensures efficient and effective solutions covering entry-level through to senior permanent and contract. By developing our own proactive search methodology, our reach goes beyond active job seekers to engage passive candidates ready to take on new challenges. Our unique relationship with Just IT Training has developed an active Alumni group of over 5000 IT and digital specialists ranging from 6 months to 10+ years experience. Alongside this, our popular network infrastructure and developer courses provide exclusive access to a constant stream of highly skilled IT and digital candidates ready for entry level positions.

For more information on how our extensive network can help you find your new talent, please contact Lewis Fraser on, call a member of our team on 020 7426 9835 or complete the form below.