How Work Placements Can Help Your Hiring Process

Katherine Scrowther

19th April 2016

It can be challenging when hiring anybody for your company

Both in time taken and the costs involved which is why it is important to get it right the first time. The interview process is an effective evaluation, as are testing modules, but sometimes these are not enough to know whether the will and skill of a person is right. This can be even harder with junior hires as they have limited work experience to really drill down into. 

Hiring permanently presents a risk, lots of companies can find someone who has been excellent at the interview stage but seem like a different person when they start – either better than expected or surprisingly poor. Equally companies that have taken a risk on someone suddenly find that they have a star in the making.

If the candidate doesn’t work out, it can put a pressure on the team they were hired into, and again needs time and commitment to do the hiring all over again. This is where the benefit of doing a work placement comes in. This process means that the candidate commits to proving themselves over four to six weeks at relatively low costs to prove that they should be taken on permanently. It’s a great way of evaluating their attitude and skills in a live environment.

In a traditional hiring model, neither the candidate nor the employer really knows whether they are suited to one another as they won’t have seen one another in a live context of work. A work placement gives both parties time to judge performance and responsibility towards the role in a context where both can analyse culture and technical fit.

Once the work placement starts, the candidate has a goal to prove that they are capable of becoming a full time employee and have backed themselves to prove it. The time period allows the company to see what the candidate is really like over a period of time that gives confidence that the candidate can indeed do the role and allows evaluation over a number of situations.

The idea of a work placement is to improve the hiring success of people who have limited experience to really evaluate in a traditional interview process. It also extends the amount of candidates that can be considered – a CV and interview does not always tell the full story of what someone is capable of.

If you’re looking to employ someone for a new existing role and want to make sure you find the right candidate, we have work placements available for entry-level roles in the IT Networking and Infrastructure and Development sector. All of our candidates are currently on our course and have either had experience in IT or have graduated from university. We can find you the right employee that you are looking for. Give us a call on 020 7426 9835 to find out more information or visit our website here.