Insight Into Hiring For Networking and Infrastructure

Katherine Scrowther

17th February 2016

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The Networking and Infrastructure market is huge with many different opportunities that are out there, but there are many factors that should be taken into consideration before recruiting candidates for your available positions. We spoke with one of our top Networking and Infrastructure consultants, Emmanuel Ntombura, to advise on the roles that are currently out there, what to look for in candidates, how to sell the company and secure top talent. 

Emmanuel looks after a broad range of interesting clients across many different industries such as professional services, insurance companies, managing services, media, retail and IT consultancies. We asked him what type of roles are currently out there in the market as the industries are so varied. “The busiest area of my market are second and third line engineers and a mixture of network and security analysts while different companies look for different types of skills sets, they all look for someone who can communicate well, with the ability to show how they will fit in culturally; it’s about finding someone they can work well with. To complement this, candidates must be able to prove their technical knowledge through the interview process.”

Hundreds of candidates may apply to companies every day, but securing the best talent matters. Top candidates will apply for good opportunities, but what makes them take the job? “The name or approach of the company stands for a lot which is why it’s important for a company to sell themselves well and to raise brand awareness. The team and the environment is a vital sell as candidates want to work somewhere where they know they will be happy. This is why we personally meet with our clients, because it’s a way we can get to know them and it’s an effective way for us to match candidates for the role.

Companies secure top talent by not only paying their candidates well, but by giving them the opportunity to move in the company. Be prepared to show how employees are given a lot of responsibility in their work, and how it allows them to broaden their skills and develop new interests. We have a high retention rate with our clients as we make sure what they are looking for is met.”

Hiring the right talent is harder than people would think. We asked Emmanuel how a company can hire the right people. “It’s about being good at knowing your business inside out and knowing what type of personality and skill set would fit. To hire top talent, it’s important for an employer to communicate with candidates and not keep them in the dark for too long. They have to make themselves stand out in the interview process, the same as a candidates does. Selling the business is key, why would candidates want to work there? What opportunities and benefits will a candidate receive? Making this known in the hiring stage will be what delivers the best results in the end.”

Are you looking to bring new talent to your company? At Just IT, our experienced recruiters can find the perfect candidate for you. We are working with enthusiastic individuals who have the talent to add value to your organisation. If you would like to find out more information about the hiring process you can give Emmanuel Ntombura a call on 020 7426 9817 or drop him an email to