Is Your Hiring Strategy Killing Diversity?

Mark Freire

29th June 2015

How diverse is your business? Diversity in the workplace is currently a hot topic and with good reason. Talent doesn’t just pool in one place. Hiring strategies which perpetuate monoculturalism limit fair opportunities and mean missing out on the advantages of a team with different experiences, skills, viewpoints and ambitions.

So how can you bring diversity into your workplace? Your hiring strategy is a great place to start. If you always recruit in the same way then it’s not surprising that applicants tend to share similar characteristics.

Here are 5 ways to shake up your hiring practices and encourage diversity.

1. Invest In Apprentices 

In the IT and digital market we find that apprentices generally represent a much broader array of backgrounds compared to established IT professionals. The apprenticeship programme removes many of the barriers (such as a university degree) which limits some young people’s access to the industry. We have placed almost 1000 Apprentices into London businesses and witnessed firsthand the impact apprentices can make with new ideas, ways of working and training/mentoring opportunities for other staff.

2. Change Your Recruitment Method

If you always rely on the same job advertising methods, you may unwittingly be encouraging the same type of application. Before initiating your next hire, review how you advertise the role and experiment with new methods of promotions. If you rely on a recruitment agency, then ask them about diversity and encourage them to look beyond their usual sourcing methods.

3. Get Involved In Diversity Initiatives

Earlier this year Just IT teamed up with a group of forward thinking employers to run a Women in IT forum. Young women were invited to chat to tech employers and discuss opportunities in the sector. One employer was so impressed with a candidate they offered them an Apprenticeship opportunity on the spot. If your business is serious about increasing diversity then get involved and support initiatives aimed at changing the face of the industry.

4. Take A Second Look At CVs

What do you look for in a CV? By having a narrow tickbox of requirements, you could be rejecting a range of alternative talent ready to impress. Reviewing CVs with a broader focus or simply asking someone else with a different viewpoint to go through your pile could end up with a very different set of interviewees.

5. Show A Commitment To Diversity

Change rarely just happens. It often needs a catalyst. A written commitment to diversity can give a real focus to transforming your hiring strategy. Not only that, but in an increasingly skillshort market, the very best talent will often make a positive choice about where they want to work. Regardless of their background, a clear diversity commitment can show your workplace as an inviting and open place talented individuals will want to work.

Want to shake-up your hiring strategy? We can help. Over 14 years we have built up a strong and diverse network of IT and digital professionals at all levels of experience.

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