IT Job Too Big For One Person? Try Employing Everyone

Mark Freire

14th November 2014

There are some IT jobs that are just too big for one person, or even an entire team. Take for example, security testing a new piece of software. How many software developers would it take to try every angle of attack? And how do you take the product to market knowing that a vulnerability could be there just waiting to be discovered?

These are the type of software development dilemmas faced by the biggest tech companies in the world, and they have a unique solution. Don’t think about employing an individual or a team to do the job, try employing everyone.

Bug bounty programmes and security research grants offer rewards to anyone who reports a major security vulnerability. As reported in Engadget, Facebook will be making $300,000 available in 2015 for those who report weaknesses. Alongside these bigger rewards, Facebook has also developed tools to help bounty hunters with the job. Osquery, for example, has been created by the social network specifically to help locate vulnerabilities on various operating systems. They are even offering $2500 for anyone who uses the programme to find a problem.

As major software releases are rushed to market ever quicker, the reliance on the tech community to do the testing work will only increase. Bug bounty schemes are likely to become increasingly mainstream, making the concept a viable testing option for smaller companies with niche software releases. If a vulnerability does it exist, paying a reward could be considerably less expensive than dealing with the repercussions of a hack.

As a leading London IT recruiter, we know that there are the employable skills out there for almost any IT job. It is just a case of having the experience and resources to find them. Yet if your needs go beyond the capabilities of just one person, you could always try employing everyone.