It’s Not About The Money. Top 5 Ways To Attract Top Talent For Your Business.

Mark Freire

27th May 2015

From as early as 1943 and the work of Maslow we have known that when it comes to work, money is not the key motivator. A solid pay packet is important – as much for how it demonstrates you value an individual – but really good people want much more from their work life.

So what really motivates talented people to take a job? And how can this knowledge help you to build a job proposition which will bring in the best people for your business?

Calling on our 13 years of experience working with top level IT and digital candidates, here are our top 5 tips for attracting talented people to your business.

1. An Exciting Job Proposition

Many of the best candidates already have a job, and they’re not looking for another one. They want a career that is exciting as well as full of variety, challenge and interest. This means that how you create and pitch your job role will make a big difference to both the response rate and quality of your applications. Before you put together the job specification ask yourself this question – why would the very best candidate love this job?

2. A Great Brand

It is a fact that well-known and innovative brands attract higher numbers of applications. However this doesn’t mean you have to be Google or Apple to attract the best talent. Every good candidate will check out your business online prior to interview, so using your website and social media to shout about your successes and what makes your brand interesting and unique will help draw in potential employees.

3. An Inspirational Leader

It’s not only the brand which is important, it is the people it represents. Positive managers who talk about the job with passion and enthusiasm are much more likely to inspire strong candidates to come on board. For this reason, we always recommend that clients think carefully about who conducts their interviews. A low-energy and unconvincing interviewer can be a big put-off to potential employees.

4. Training & Learning Opportunities

Most strong candidates choose to switch jobs because they feel that they have reached a ceiling in their current role. Providing the potential to smash through that ceiling and progress their career in a new job is therefore a big draw. Putting training and learning opportunities central to your role will attract people with ambition and a willingness to grow within the company.

5. Best Tools

It is no surprise that the best people want to work with the best kit. You would be surprised how much desk area and the quality of company-wide tech means to many candidates. Providing access to the latest technology and industry-specific tools is a big draw for any candidate looking to produce the highest quality work and make a big impact in their chosen field.

Need help securing the very best candidates?

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