The JITR Guide To Surviving The Christmas Party

victoria worrell

22nd November 2016

The John Lewis Christmas advert has been released and the infamous Coca Cola truck has been spotted. This can only mean one thing – the festive season is upon us. With just a few weeks of the working year left, it seems fitting to be able to let your hair down at your company’s Christmas party, after all you’ve earned a night off. Haven’t you? Don’t fear, JITR is here to help you with office party etiquette.

Maintain professionalism at your Christmas party

Direct 365, the workplace products and service provider, surveyed UK workers and found that 79% believe that employees should maintain a level of professionalism at their Christmas event. It is important to remember that even though it is Christmas and a time for celebrating, you don’t want one night to change people’s perceptions of you. Use of any photocopier will be out of bounds.

Don’t forget that people remember

The evening itself will only last a few hours but your actions on the night are likely to stick around for a lot longer in your co-worker’s minds, especially if it was a little out of the ordinary. Drinkaware, the alcohol educational charity, found that more than a quarter of us regret our actions from the Christmas party. You can get carried away regardless of alcohol because everyone around you is having fun and it feels like a night off from work. Don’t be part of that percentage, the repercussions could impact you more than you think. Always bear in mind that you are surrounded by your work colleagues, you don’t want them to see you in a negative light.

Beware of getting swept up in festive cheer

Not many of us go out with the intention to embarrass ourselves and stay out but as the night goes on you may end up forgetting where you are and who you are with – your managers and respected peers. 38% of UK workers admit to starting the night with the best intentions but not ending the evening in the way they had set out. Wanting to have a good night but not a wild night does not mean your night will be any less boring, if anything it will be more fun and you’ll be able to remember the Christmas festivities unlike others in the office.

‘Go on, have another. It’s Christmas!’

That infamous phrase will be heard many times during an office Christmas party and 32% of UK workers admit that they end up a little worse for wear due to peer pressure from their employees. It is hard to say no to a drink being offered when everyone around you is having another and you don’t want to be the ‘boring one’. However, think about your own limits and how you want your night to end – possibly not telling your office crush that all you want for Christmas is them.

Remember that even though you’re celebrating Christmas, not all cultures do. Be respectful and don’t make others feel uncomfortable or isolated because this is not a time of year they celebrate.

 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Have fun at your Christmas party, be merry and enjoy an evening with your work colleagues. Some see it as the event of the year and possibly the one chance to get everyone together in good spirits. Have a good time, and remember to take your dignity home with you!