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This is one of the largest digital wealth management companies in Europe. Around 20 developers with impressive professional backgrounds and skills. Involvement in big data, machine learning, open-source projects.

Environment? Very cool, techie, access to the latest gadgets, no dress code, mistake-driven learning.

Your role:
JavaScript is your mother tongues. Secondary languages? React, NodeJS, Redux, ES6 / ES7. You will work on greenfield projects, while bringing improvements to the existing software, as well.

*Have a deep understanding of the frontend area and closely work with product owners to create an exceptional customer experience.
*Write code of great quality, review it constructively – efficiency, quality and effectiveness.
*Be a mentor for the junior colleagues / new commers.
*Actively share your knowledge, promoting the best practices and helping the team perform better.

*BSc in Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent
*More than 6 years of experience in software engineering
*Very good understanding of the SW principles, such as modularity, encapsulation, immutability, composition, OOP and FP.
*Highly skilled in React, Node, Redux, ES6, Jest, Mocha, responsive design, REST verbs, API design and the JS memory model.
*Knowledge of vanilla CSS (SASS, CSSinJS and Styled Components).
*Experience in using Webpack and/or Parcel, Gulp or Grunt.
*Previous experience within an Agile environment
*Understand the principles of design, UI and user experience.

About the company:
With more than 5 years of experience on the European market, our client is a top player within the Investment Industry, benefiting from large funds to continue innovating. Their investors have allocated more than £60mil so far. Would you invest your time in it?

Benefits & advantages:
*20% annual bonus
*Standard benefits
*Very nice office
*Excellent team

How to apply:
Curious to find out more? Just drop me an e-mail at and I am happy to discuss this context in detail. Sending your updated CV would save a lot of time.