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We are a specialist London recruitment agency with 16 years in IT and digital and a unique business model that sets us apart from the crowd.

Our relationship with Just IT Training and Apprenticeships provides us with exclusive access to a skilled pool of candidates ranging from entry level right through to £80k + roles. These are candidates we have personally sourced, trained and built lasting relationships with, often over many years.

Alongside this exclusive talent pool, our reputation and skills as a leading London IT and digital specialist allows us to attract and engage the very best candidates from the open market through proactive sourcing, referrals and recommendations.

The overall result is access to an unrivalled selection of high quality, motivated candidates for our clients specific recruitment needs.

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Our business is set up to offer the most innovative and creative approach to our customer needs with divisions in:

This is where our proactive search led methodologies are most required and where we most excel. With only 10% of development candidates coming from traditional job boards, our market mapping combined with contingency based recruitment enables us to source the best candidates on the market.

Our vast network of both passive and active candidates across a wide range of languages and platforms allows us to find the most appropriate skill-sets for you across the UK & Europe.

In addition our Just IT Training & development program specialises in giving clients exclusive access to the best junior and entry level candidates coming in to the market. For more information on our Work Placement Schemes, click the button below.

For over 16 years we have worked in IT and digital, meaning that we have evolved alongside the industry, earning us a wealth of knowledge and gaining a strong network that other recruiters can only dream about.

Our technology division prides itself in its ability and success in unearthing talent. From supporting candidates at entry level to 3rd line, and also focusing on senior level candidates.

Our sister company, Just IT Training, gives us exclusive access to top calibre graduates from their Professional Programme and an extensive network of Just IT alumni who have up to 15 years’ experience within the tech industry. For more information on our Work Placement Schemes, click the button below.

JITR Contracting is a specialised division using bespoke solutions to find contractors with the capabilities – and something extra – you need to move your company forward.

We have delivered Training and Recruitment solutions for the past 16 years, during which time we have built a growing network of over 150,000 professionals, mainly within Technology and Development.

Our teams work with our training Alumni, our previous candidates, as well as experienced contractors from across our network to bring the best multinational talent to our clients’ businesses.

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Our Clients – Some roles we are working on

Quintessentially Lifestyle

“Quintessentially transformed the idea of concierge services into lifestyle management” – New York Times

The Associate Board Of The Royal School Of Music

The UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers and the world’s leading provider of music exams

Turning Point

One of the UK leaders in health and social care – specialising in providing personalised care and support to help people find a new direction in their life journey

Lion Digital

Full-service London digital agency who design and build digital experiences and destinations that help brands nurture and grow their communities. www.liondigital.com