Made A Mistake At Work? In Today’s Connected World There Is Nowhere To Hide.

Mark Freire

26th September 2014

Business Insider have published that the Apple worker who botched the recent iOS 8 update which bricked phones was also connected to the fated Apple Maps rollout in 2012. According to the publication, Josh Williams – a middle manager overseeing quality assurance – was responsible for catching any problems with both products prior to rollout. A task which he seems to have failed.

It is bad enough when your company discovers an accidental slip-up, but in today’s modern IT world should employees start getting used to being publically named and shamed? Take the Heartbleed bug in April. The finger of responsibility was pointed at programmer Robin Seggelmann, who submitted the code on 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve 2011. As a result he felt it necessary to make a public apology in the Guardian for his mistake – despite the fact that he received no reward or recognition for writing the code in the first place.

The Reality Of The Tech Industry

The reality is that the IT industry is much scrutinised, mainly by those working within it. There are also many different companies, tech news sites and individuals devoted to finding security flaws and publicising their origin. Add to this the fact that IT professionals are often tightly networked and love to leak their news across anonymous news services like Secret, and it might soon be impossible to keep any major mistake on the down low.

Keeping Mistakes To A Minimum

So with technology moving so fast with such a big emphasis on innovation, how can anyone entering the IT industry make sure they keep big mistakes to the minimum?

Firstly, make sure you know your stuff. With so many free forums and resources available online, it can be tempting to cut corners with training and learning. However, when it comes to solidifying your skills and ensuring your methods are sound, there is no replacement for a structured, well-taught and accredited IT training course.

Secondly, make sure any recruitment company you work with understands the technical aspects of IT and your personal areas of expertise. It can be easy for an IT-ignorant recruiter to overpitch your skills and seniority to a company in order to secure the commission. This can mean starting a job with high pressure to deliver beyond your skills and a lack of adequate support. The Just IT recruitment team understand the latest technologies and meet candidates personally to appreciate their own particular strengths and weaknesses. This ensures the perfect fit between candidate, employer and opportunity.

Lastly, when working everyday with code it can be easy to forget how crucial your work can become within a larger project. Any website or piece of software is only as secure and strong as its weakest link. So the rule is to check, check and check again, and never let the pressure of a deadline push you to submitting code with potential flaws.

Follow these simple steps and hopefully you will never find your name at the centre of the next big tech debacle.