Meet The Team

  • Lewis Fraser

    Managing Director

    “Gladiators, Ready!”

    If JITR was 1990s ITV Show Gladiators - and we like to imagine it is - then Lewis is a cross between Ulrika Jonsson and referee John Anderson. Like Ulrika, enthusiastically shouting encouragement and advice from the side-lines, but like John not afraid to sound his whistle and get involved at the first sign of any unfair play.
    020 7426 9833
  • Kevin Hunter


    "The Gentle Giant"

    Kevin likes the finer things in life – which is why he joined JITR! The well-travelled Canadian lived the millionaire lifestyle in Dubai for 3 years before coming back to London and walking through our doors. When we found out that he was once a chef of course we welcomed him with open arms!
    020 3750 2146
  • Simon Perriton

    Founder and Chairman

    “Because it’s all about being Happy!”

    Simon is obsessional about helping people and businesses reach their full potential. He is a firm believer that happy people lead to happy customers and make successful businesses – and we are all delighted to help prove him right!
    020 7426 9839
  • Lee Dempster

    Group Commercial Officer

    "Keeper of the peace"

    Lee has stacks of recruitment industry experience, but would rather talk about his passion for us “soaring like recruitment eagles”. He is twice winner of the Just IT 'Heartbreaker' award – a prize he's convinced has nothing to do with him being the boss.
    020 7655 4605
  • Sonia Bhambra

    Team Leader

    "The unbreakable smile"

    Sonia has an upbeat way of getting things done. Just ask her husband. She met, got engaged, married, and become pregnant all within the year. So just imagine what she could do for your recruitment requirements.
    020 7426 9844
  • Daniel Oldfield

    Team Leader


    From his complexion you may think we keep Dan locked in the office. He’s allowed out – we promise. As former Essex basketball champion, Dan now runs a team of 6 strong consultants, and recruits from graduate to CTO level. Is there anything Dan can't do?
    020 3540 9429
  • Su-Lyn Chow-Seegoolam

    Talent Partner

    "Yorkshire Bred"

    Originally from Scarborough, Su – Lyn is half-Malaysian, half-Mauritian and brings Northern soul to the office. Su-Lyn wanted to kick-start her recruiting career and came to us to pursue her dream. With a brown belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu, she is not a woman to be messed with!
    020 7426 9848
  • Walter Holder

    Recruitment Consultant


    Cool-headed Walter has years of experience helping people find their amazing in every corner of the world - from South Africa to Alaska, the Caribbean, Poland and London. However as an avid sci-fi fan, we all know he won’t truly be happy until he places his first Starfleet officer.
    020 7655 4604
  • Abigail Atta-Panin

    Finance Executive

    “Law and Order”

    ‘Loud and lively’ Abi has 5 years experience working at the London Court of International Arbitration so is the queen of compliance and organisation. Don’t believe us? Just ask her three sons - DJ, CJ and PJ. Rumours she recently replaced their toy boxes with bright blue filing cabinets are apparently completely unfounded.
    020 3096 6762
  • Akib Manzoor

    Research Consultant

    "Cheeky Nandos?"

    Akib decided from an early age to get into sales, starting in the fields of cyber security, before finding his home with us. Admitting being a true food lover, you’ll often find him ordering a Nandos around 4 to 5 times a week! We’re led to believe he’s an owner of the secret Nandos black card…
    0207 426 9828
  • Amy Bodles

    Recruitment Consultant

    "Lucky Charm”

    If you’re looking to steer your career in a new direction, you’ll find Amy infinitely patient, kind and professional. Just look at her own career if you don’t believe us. After moving to London from Northern Ireland, Amy is now working for the best recruiter in London. (That’s us by the way!)
    020 7655 4609
  • James Copeland

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    "All Talk, All Action"

    After developing his skills further, Jimmy decided there's no place like home and made his return to work for JITR. It'd take too long to list all his hobbies here, but they include football, golf and poker - which, now we think about it, would make an awesome new Olympic Triathlon.
    020 7426 9831
  • Timothy Logue

    Recruitment Consultant

    "Young Poodle"

    Tim decided from an early age to get into recruitment, after graduating in the field of politics, and what better place to start his career than with us? You may think you've seen Tim on here before, but don't worry... you're not going crazy. It's been pointed out that Tim looks an awful lot like his colleague, James Davis!
    020 7426 9835
  • Holly Dowling

    Operations Executive

    "Legally Blonde"

    Holly is known for her contagious laughter and is great at making relationships with everyone. Don't be fooled by her happy character though, as Operations Executive she keeps everyone in line – better behave guys!
    020 7655 4611
  • Jason Cooke-Reid

    Recruitment Consultant

    "Got any snacks?"

    Jason has unbelievable energy for helping developers progress their careers. But this energy needs fuel. If he doesn’t eat every two hours, Jason claims “bad things” happen. We don’t know what these “bad things” are, but we noticed every member of his team carries both a Taser-gun and a Kitkat.
    020 7426 9813
  • Shelin Hakki

    Team Leader

    "Where Next?"

    Shelin was drawn away from the property industry to the bright lights of recruitment and even brighter lights of our office doors. Shelin is a passionate explorer of the world, travelling to Dubai, Las Vegas and even Florence. If you're ever lost for holiday inspiration, She's your woman!
    020 7426 9816
  • Akber Sadiq

    Recruitment Consultant

    "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."

    As well as being a Tech Recruitment guru, Akber is also the Pep Guardiola of the East London Sunday leagues - managing Walthamstow Red Star. Akber also has a charitable side, which he displayed helping build an orphanage in Palestine two years ago. Kudos Akber!
  • Michelle Sheehan

    Recruitment Consultant

    "Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive."

    The angelic Michelle was born on Christmas day and has joined our Development consultant team after being a bit of a globetrotter. Michelle has travelled most of South America and lived in Australia. Blimey!
  • Zita Kerepesi

    Research consultant

    "Every moment is a fresh beginning."

    Zita is our Hungarian culture vulture - she's especially fond of the theatre and visiting London's museums. Zita joins the team as a Research Consultant and usually kicks off her day with a smooth black coffee. Nice!
    020 7426 9817
  • Andrea Innamorati

    Research Consultant

    "Impossible is only an issue of your mind"

    Andrea is the self-proclaimed king of parties and serial ravioli and lasagne eater. A qualified Italian lawyer who practised for over 10 years. However, has admitted his passion for truffles and training dogs to find them. He clearly has a variety of different talents!
    020 3750 2145
  • Ellie Wilkinson

    Operations Support


    Ellie is the newest member of our operations support team. Her bouncy personality has earned her the nickname ‘Tigger’, or you could call her 'Rapunzel' for her luscious long hair. We think she gets her repetitive drive as a Netball enthusiast – She knows how to keep everyone in check!
    020 3096 6763
  • Noz Haque

    Research Consultant

    "Manchester United Supporter"

    Noz has been working in recruitment for just over a year. Although living in East London, he is a huge Manchester United supporter. When Noz isn’t at work, you will probably find him on the football field or playing his PS4!
    020 7426 9840

Our relationship with Just IT Training and Apprenticeships provides us with exclusive access to a skilled pool of candidates ranging from entry level, through to £80k +. These are candidates we have personally sourced, trained and built lasting relationships with, often over many years.

Alongside this exclusive talent pool, our reputation and skills as a leading London IT specialist allows us to attract and engage the very best candidates from the open market through proactive sourcing, referrals and recommendations.

The overall result is access to an unrivalled selection of high quality, motivated candidates for our clients and their senior, contract or entry-Level IT positions.