The power of internal marketing

victoria worrell

17th January 2017

When looking at your company’s hiring strategy finding the right people with the skills you need appears to be the most difficult task. Once you’ve found the amazing candidate and they’ve accepted the role the hard part is over. Wrong. Once you hire an employee the work really begins but this is often overlooked.

Your employee’s relationship with your company is no different to a relationship between partners. Both parties must continue to work together, provide support to one another, if one becomes less attentive, breaks down communication or consistently negative then the relationship will inevitably fail. We have the solution to keep your staff interested in you for years to come.

Re-recruit your staff

You pride yourself on the top team you have. This means that their talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by your competitors and other companies wanting to poach them from you. Before they have the opportunity to woo your staff resell the positives, values and dreams of the company – make them remember why they first accepted the role. Highlight how unique the business is, the successes you have and future plans. Most importantly reiterate the value of them and thank them for their great work they have achieved with you.
Are you currently doing the basics – a thank you, trusting your staff, giving them the opportunity to progress?

Establish a mentor programme

Regular one-to-ones with your staff will help to establish and develop your relationship with them, building the trust so that they feel comfortable and able to confide in you. Your company can go one step further and set up a mentoring programme where individuals across the organisations volunteer to become mentors.
When a new employee starts, will they be assigned to a mentor who is suited to their character and career goals? These mentors act as their confidante in work who can enable the best in that employee as well as providing support and advice on matters that people might not feel comfortable telling their manager about. Not only will this scheme help new starters to feel welcome and supported but appointing mentors from outside of their departments offers an added opportunity for them to meet more people within the company.

Define career paths

Be clear with all employees about their career progression, explaining promotions, salary increases and even company wide opportunities. Don’t sell an unachievable dream but let them know how their career can progress with you.
Your one-to-one’s is an opportunity for you to find out what your staff are looking to achieve in their career and see how you can facilitate this aspiration. Don’t present them with the solution in their first couple of months then bury it. People are more at risk of leaving if they feel their role and progression at a company has become stagnant.

Evaluate your benefits scheme

Money might not be the main driver for joining a company but the additional benefits are something to not be overlooked. Review your salary and rewards every 6 months or a year against your competitors and receiving market information will keep you abreast of what is happening. If you find that yours need adjusting, then as a company come up with a plan as to how you address this now or for the future.

Keep in contact with your Alumni

In today’s current market it is common for people to move around jobs during their career and to leave and return to a company – goodbye no longer means forever. Take the opportunity to get back in contact with previous staff and let them know when you have suitable roles for them. On the off chance that they are looking you could regain a valuable and now more skilled employee.

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