Post Brexit, London IT and Tech Job Market Has Died…No Chance!

victoria worrell

15th November 2016

When Brexit was announced in June the UK saw a drop in the number of IT/Development vacancies available. However, it now appears that the initial knee-jerk reaction to halt recruiting within IT has been lifted and there are no signs of it stopping.

According to a recent REC report on the UK Labour market, IT/computing  is number 2 in the most demand for candidates.

Location, location, location

You would assume that areas within the UK who have grown their technology base would be where the demand lies – wrong. London in fact accounts for half of the open vacancies within IT. Regions such as the West Midlands and Wales that have seen a technology push and increased investment of 10% year on year but have less than 5% of vacancies.
It is clear that the capital still reigns supreme as the UK’s technology hub and this is only set to increase. The opportunities for budding IT professionals lie within London.

No matter the skillset, all will be called upon

Vacancies range across the whole industry from general IT development and engineering roles to the more specialised, which have increased by 3% over the past year. Managerial roles have seen a year on year growth of 19%, showing that companies are looking to expand their IT departments, building a strong skillset within their teams. But it is security positions that appear to be most in need with an uplift of 26%.

Technology has rapidly become a normal part of daily life and is being looked towards in order to create ground breaking developments across all businesses, from retail to healthcare. It appears that the rush is now on for companies to build an IT team that outshines their competitors. The question is – is there the skillset out there to make UK businesses dreams a reality?

Overall, current market reports support two main themes in London. Vacancies and overall demand continues to grow, and availability of skilled talent continues to be a problem.

If you are in the market, it may take a bit of time but those jobs are out there- and if you are in a job but thinking of leaving, then there’s plenty of choice and wages are on the increase!