Recruiting via Facebook…Seriously?

Mark Freire

26th October 2017

This month Facebook quietly launched a new feature to a select number of users. In a personal Facebook profile you can expand on the details you already give about your work and skills allowing you to add in your time at a job, company contact information, and experience gained. Many are calling it the ‘CV Feature’.

It’s a small change, but it could have a big significance and here’s why..

LinkedIn is already well established as the ‘professional business network’ with your profile acting as a CV. It shares many characteristics with a traditional job board including the ability to search directly for jobs and allow recruiters to search the database directly for you. However, those who regularly use LinkedIn will notice how it is changing. Many of the most popular posts on LinkedIn today do not cover the latest business thinking. They are personal anecdotes, updates, rants, pictures, adverts and puzzles. LinkedIn has introduced instant messaging, a range of image filters, as well as geo-tagging so contacts can see your current location. Slowly but surely, LinkedIn is becoming a lot more like Facebook – but with jobs.

Meanwhile, Facebook may be spotting a new opportunity. It has 2 billion worldwide users compared to LinkedIn’s 500 million. It also services a much younger demographic. By starting the journey towards becoming a platform users can use professionally as well as personally, Facebook is realising the potential to become the definitive social media platform. Alongside the future opportunity to charge businesses and agencies with job opportunities a fee to target its users. If you – like so many young people – have grown up with Facebook as your primarily communication and networking tool then it makes perfect sense to use it to find work.

All this is bad news for job boards – especially in the current candidate short market. As a recruitment agency with many discerning clients, we already find very few of our candidates through job boards. Those with strong skillsets simply don’t need to upload a CV or search on the big or even niche job sites. Great opportunities like the ones we promote are finding them before they even start to look – through either their personal or online networks.

Add to this the likes of Facebook, Microsoft owned LinkedIn, and Google (with Google Jobs coming to the UK soon) looking to revolutionise the way people look for work, and the job board may become a job hunting relic of the past.

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