Employee Referrals are Most Likely to Result in Successful Hires

Katherine Scrowther

8th January 2016

Can we make a recommendation? 

In today’s world of search engines, LinkedIn sponsored content and internet advertising, it is difficult to know which sources of information to access. High quality candidates are being bombarded with job specifications – often without any idea of the value and credibility of the opportunities on offer. Likewise, companies with roles available are being offered numerous options to advertise their roles – often without any idea on the quality of candidates they are likely to attract.

In such a noisy market, it is no surprise that both candidates and clients are increasingly turning to people they know for advice. In a market with so many options, word of mouth has a unique and valuable power.

Over the past two years, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of people finding us through recommendation. Pleasingly, a significant proportion of this is by having satisfied customers. What we have seen more of though is both candidates and clients becoming more open in talking about their positive signposting good service that they see as well as what they have received has a huge value – especially in a market where it is so difficult to distinguish between competing services.

The London IT industry is a close-knit and cooperative community. So before you make any decisions about who to trust with your company or career, we would recommend asking those around you. We are all so quick to jump onto Google that we forget that some of the most trusted and informed sources of first hand information are sitting around us.

Likewise if you have had a positive recruitment experience with us, or any other company for that matter, then tell others about it. It is through word of mouth that good service can thrive, while poor service struggles to keep a foothold in the industry.

Of course, your recommendation doesn’t just have to value the people you speak to, it also has a value to us. This is why we offer a £250 handshake. Introduce us to a friend, colleague or business associate needing our services (either as a client or a candidate) and you will get £250 if they successfully work with us.

So help your friends with a good recommendation, help us find great new clients and candidates, and also help yourself with a £250 referral payment. Make a referral now.