Are You In The Right Job? Here Are 3 Questions To Find Out.

Mark Freire

11th December 2017

Most of us get doubts about our job choice, and we all occasionally dream about what would have happened if we’d taken a different career path.

According to a recent survey of 4600 people by Right Management, 20% of us are currently in the wrong job and would benefit from a change of role. While that sounds like a lot, it still suggests that 80% of us are better off where we are.

So how can you tell if your current role is right for you? According to the research, doing the wrong role will impact three things; your engagement, your motivation and your productivity at work.

So if you want to know whether you should be taking a fresh look at your career, ask yourself these key questions.

Do you engage with your company?

Work should mean more than just turning up (either in person, or remotely) and doing your day job. It is a chance to engage with others and work together towards shared ambitions. If you haven’t given any thought to where your company or department is heading or what you can do personally to help it get there, then you may not be totally engaged.

Even if you are not actively engaged with your company’s commercial objectives, most modern businesses will offer other chances to get involved – whether that be charity fundraising, social events, community work, mentoring, or after-work clubs. If you are not taking part, then it could be a clue that your job – or at least or choice of employer – is due for a review.

Do you lack motivation?

Everyone has different levels of natural motivation. Some people absolutely love their job, yet still have to hit the alarm clock three times before getting out of bed.

So when considering whether you are motivated about work, you need to put it in the context of other things in your life which give you energy. If you find a greater resistance towards work than any of those activities, it is a sign that your motivation for work may be lacking.

It is also worth considering how to talk about and describe your work to friends or other people you meet. If you find yourself trying to avoid the subject or using the opportunity to moan about workload and office politics then it sounds like it could be time for something new.

Is your productivity dropping?

People who are in the wrong role tend to lack a clear direction, and lacking direction leads to a drop in personal productivity. Maybe over the months you have found it harder and harder to get things done, or feel more and more that you are pushing water up hill. Think about the last day you were really productive. Was it last week? Last month? Or longer ago than you can remember?

It is worth taking a look back through your appraisals or 1-2-1s with your manager if you have them. Do you notice a distinct decline in your performance and the way you talk about your work? Have the comments from your manager become progressivly more negative or increasingly focussed on concerns about your performance?

Many people will blame themselves for not achieving at work but it can often just be a mismatch between your particular skills and aspirations and the job you are currently doing. We all hear stories of underachieving school drop-outs who went on to become amazing entrepreneurs simply because they found a passion and a way of working which suited them.

Taking the time to think about a type of job or way of working which suits you could be the first step towards an amazing new career.

So enjoy Christmas, your break and take some time to reflect on what you could do.

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