Salary Expectations Report 2018

Mark Freire

5th February 2018

Where are salaries heading in 2018? The results are in from our salary survey.

We invited our customers to complete an anonymous survey focusing on salary expectations and increases, receiving 500 responses.

The results paint a fascinating picture of the current market individuals.

– The average salary rise expected in 2018 is 10.2%.

– Developers and Service Desk Analysts expect the biggest rises. Those in Marketing and Operations were the least optimistic.

– Contractors earned £15,000 more in 2017 than permanent employees.

– The average salary of respondents was £42,133 for 2017, significantly higher than the average UK salary of £27,600.

With the shadow of Brexit looming, this report offers pivotal understanding of salary ambitions and expectations over the next year, and will provide both workers and decision makers with essential context for the year to come.

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