When You Shouldn’t Take A New Role

victoria worrell

20th October 2016

You’ve received the call congratulating you on being offered a new role. Your initial reaction is one of happiness and unless you were never interested in the job, you’ll want to say yes (after possible negotiations on wage and benefits). But why are you really taking this role over another?


We highlight the top traps that you shouldn’t take a new opportunity for and why it’ll benefit you not to accept.

You’re being offered more money

A pay rise is a common reason for people to change jobs however, your next move needs to be based on more than a pay check. If you leave a role you enjoy for one that doesn’t excite you as much but has more money, you are very likely to end up pining for your previous position and back job hunting.

The job title is impressive

Companies can give roles and their staff a plethora of titles – this won’t have any impact on your day to day duties. Ask yourself why they are giving out such an impressive title, is it the only way to market the role? And why would an organisation throw around such job titles, is it because they’re hiding something behind them? Don’t get pulled in until you know why.

You can do the job in your sleep

It might seem a great idea to take a role you’re overqualified for because you’ll have an easy life at work. It’s not. You’ll quickly realise that you’re not learning or challenging yourself, your career may be put on hold as your skillset doesn’t develop and even regresses.

You’ve got security

Contract or permanent, no job in our current market offers complete security. The roles that do are typically found within large organisations, where your skills may not be developed. You might get lost within a department where your duties are unlikely to include anything other than what was on the job spec. Security does not necessarily mean progression, if you’re safe what’s challenging you and pushing you to become better at your job and pursue your career further?

You like the people

It’s always important to get on with the people that you work with but you need to look deeper into the organisation. Will the role shape your career the way you want it to? Is the organisation in an industry you want to be in? Are they the type of company you want to work for? If the answers are a truthful ‘no’ then turn the offer down. They won’t be the only company that is full of people you could be friends with.

Easy commute

This luxury will soon wear thin if the role is not what you want and you’re not enjoying it.

It’s the best option you currently have

Taking a new role because it’s the best of a bad bunch is not the way to build a career and will lead you back to where you started. If there is nothing better than your current role, don’t move. Wait and find the role you do want.

Don’t jump into a new role without thinking about why you want it and what it is you’re specifically looking for. It’s your career and you have the control to take it in the direction you want it to go. Don’t settle. You will benefit from being particular later down the line and will stop yourself from ending up in a dead end role or becoming a job hopper without a solid skillset.

Take a look at the current roles we have on offer. Alternatively, talk to one of our team on 020 7426 9835 who will be able to help you find the role you are looking for and won’t let you find anything other than amazing.