The Age of the App Developer

Mark Freire

12th November 2014

According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of web developer jobs has increased by 11% in the past year, bringing an additional 7000 people into the industry. Powering this growth is the burgeoning “App Economy”, an industry sector based around the creation of new applications for mobile and other devices.

This year, UK companies building apps are predicted to generate over £4bn in turnover. This puts the UK firmly in the driving seat of the European app economy with over 30% of total European revenues for the sector being generated here. According to research by Google, the app economy will be worth £31bn in the UK by 2025.

From pioneering industry into the mainstream

This demonstrates that app development has moved from pioneering sub-industry right into the mainstream. A few years ago most businesses may have drawn the line and budget at developing a new website. Now many consider a dedicated application as a necessary companion to their digital strategy. At London’s silicon roundabout, entrepreneurs and start-ups are basing whole business plans around app development. With app-based successes such as Uber and Candy Crush filling the technology news pages, it is no surprise that the appetite for app-based businesses keeps on growing.

Yet those entering the app development industry can be reassured that the app bubble doesn’t look like it will burst anytime soon. The race to develop applications for mobile is a true reflection of market changes as people of all ages choose to go mobile and consistently pick virtual services over brick and mortar alternatives. Consumers in Britain currently download more than 250m apps a month – an average of four apps for every single citizen every 30 days. Meanwhile, mobile infrastructure development and the promise of London becoming the first city with superfast 5G provides confidence that our networks will be able to handle the technological demands of a new mobile based economy.

The age of the app developer is now upon us and will continue to drive big growth in development jobs throughout 2015 and beyond.

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