The Hour Of Code

Mark Freire

4th December 2014

All across Just IT next week, teams will be putting an hour aside to take part in the international ‘Hour Of Code’. 

The Hour Of Code is a global initiative to promote coding to, well, pretty much everyone. It involves devoting a single hour to try your hand at programming using tutorials provided on the website.

For the young, the Hour Of Code aims to stimulate interest in the world of programming and development; a career path which has been overlooked for so long in the UK school system. For those over school age, taking part can help challenge the traditional programmer stereotype and perhaps even persuade those who have dismissed a development career to take another look.

As an IT training and IT recruitment company, we know the IT industry inside out. Yet there are many of us here (administration teams, marketing teams, sales teams) who have never had the opportunity or time to sit down and code. We also work with hundreds of would-be apprentices and IT professionals who may have chosen an alternative route into IT and never considered programming.

By supporting the Hour Of Code, we aim to give everybody a better appreciation of what it takes to be a programmer. Helping us relate better with our customers, and spread the word that development is currently one of the UK’s most promising and exciting career paths.