The IT Skills Shortage Starts To Bite

Mark Freire

28th January 2015

Over the last few years there has been a great deal of talk about the burgeoning skills shortage within IT Recruitment. 2015 could be the year where the effects really start to bite.

Rising Salaries

Throughout 2014, the number of permanent and temporary appointments across the UK job market has risen consistently as unemployment falls. The result is an increasingly candidate short job market, especially within the IT and Engineering sectors. We have started to see skilled candidates attract competing offers as securing the right candidate becomes harder. Now according to a recent report by the REC and KPMG, this scarcity of candidates will continue to drive compensation above market averages.

The IT skills shortage is a situation which has been long predicted, but that doesn’t make it any less damaging to the growing London tech sector. Many businesses this year may find themselves without the skills they need to meet growth plans. Or, if they do manage to acquire those skills through permanent or temporary hires, it will be at an ever increasing cost.

While there is no quick fix solution to an IT skills shortage, at Just IT we are witnessing some new trends which release a little of the pressure.

Latest IT Recruitment Trends

Firstly, rising wages and the lively London tech scene are attracting candidates in from across the EU and beyond. As a well-known London IT recruitment specialist we are finding an increasing number of skilled and enthusiastic candidates that we are bringing to the UK. These candidates quickly familiarise themselves with the London job market and are finding some great opportunities here. Secondly, many forward-thinking companies are investing in entry-level talent to be grown in-house. The number of apprenticeships placed by our own IT Apprenticeship programme has tripled in 3 years, and looks set to expand further in 2015. We have also seen increased employer interest in our two flagship training courses – the NPP (Network Professional Programme) and DPP (Development Professional Programme). These courses provide trained and job-ready graduates ready for demanding entry-level positions.

Yet as the endemic skills shortage slowly increases its bite over the coming years, companies will need to plan hiring further in advance than ever before.

2015 will remain challenging for the attraction of skills, so be creative in your approach.