Tips For Interview Success

Mark Freire

17th February 2015

You’ve landed an interview, fantastic news. Now comes the hard bit – making a great first impression and showing your interviewers you’re the one for the job.

If you do the basics well the rest will naturally follow. These tips will help you ace it.

Before the interview

  1. Research the company – Make sure you know what they do / what makes them unique / who their clients are. If you demonstrate your knowledge, you will impress your interviewer
  2. Research the job – Do you understand the role? Study the job description and mentally prepare examples of how your previous experience relates to this position
  3. Research the interviewers – If you know your interviewer’s name do an internet search of them. Make sure you know what their roles are within the company
  4. Know your CV inside out – Gaps in your CV? Be prepared to explain them. Listed a specific skill? Have examples of where you have used it
  5. Prepare questions for your interviewers – This will show you are engaged and switched on. Try and think of questions specific to the role / employer
  6. Prepare for competency questions – Interviewers will be looking for specific examples. Try using positive examples from previous roles, work experience, education, and social experiences
  7. Prepare answers for these standard questions –
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What do you know about us?
  • What do you know about the role?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How do you deal with pressure?
  • How have you dealt with tricky customers?
  • Where do you see yourself in a few years’ time?
  • Tell me about your experience?


On the day

  1. Turn up on time – Plan your journey and do a practice run if necessary. Arrive a few minutes before your interview start time
  2. Dress smartly – Don’t let your appearance distract from what you are saying. Too smart is better than too casual. When choosing between similar candidates, the way you present youself can be the decider
  3. Body language – Don’t slouch or shuffle your feet. An upright posture will help you appear confident and enthusiastic
  4. Say hello and smile – When you greet your interviewer. They will instinctively engage with you and smile back
  5. Speak clearly and firmly – This makes you sound in control and appear confident


If you have to give a presentation

  1. Slow your speech downGive the audience time to absorb each point. Lift your head up and address your words to someone near the back of the audience
  2. Keep it concise – Stay within your allotted time. Test the length of your presentation in practice runs and manage your pace
  3. Make eye contact – This is crucial to hold your audience’s attention. Look at everyone in the audience, not just at your notes or at the PowerPoint slides
  4. Get animated  Don’t stand in one place glued to the spot and gesture with your hands to keep things interesting
  5. Don’t read your presentation word for word – This sounds boring and stilted. Have brief notes jotted down on postcard sized pieces of card, and try and avoid looking at them too much
  6. Practise in front of a mirror – Or record your presentation and watch it back. You’ll be able to work on your weak points and time how long your talk takes
  7. Manage nerves – Nerves are perfectly normal and you will probably thrive off the adrenaline. Visualise yourself giving a confident successful performance and take a few deep slow breaths before your talk starts
  8. Build variety into the talk – Break it up into sections. The average person has a three minute attention span, so you’ll need to work hard to keep everyone engaged


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