Top 10 Great Reasons Why You Should Work for Us!

Katherine Scrowther

19th May 2016

Both Just IT Training and Just IT Recruitment offer great opportunities to all colleagues. We believe in creating an environment where everyone who works here can be happy in and take ownership over their work.

We are a Top 100 company and a Great Place to Work

Allowing our employees to take full responsibility over their work, express their creativity and have fun is what makes us the company we are today. Everything we achieve is down to team effort. We have people go above and beyond expectations and we are proud of our colleagues – no company can be successful without its people.

“The reason that I and most of the people at Just IT work here is because of the culture that has been built over the last 15 years and handed down through the staffing generations. When you look at the backgrounds and cultures that makes up 130 staff you would imagine there to be various cliques of social groups – not us. We are like on large family where the relationships work.”Chris Haines, Recruitment Consultant at Just IT Recruitment

Everyone has a voice and we like it to be heard

At Just IT we believe everyone has a voice and it should be heard. We like to hear the views from our colleagues and their ideas. We wouldn’t be the business we are without them. Everyone is different which is why we like every individual to express themselves – it’s what makes our culture.

“The whole management team at Just IT are very approachable and encourage people to speak up, giving people a voice which they want to listen to. I am happy to address any issues or raise any questions with the managers I work with, this is welcomed by them as they are continuously seeking to improve.” – Nia Georgieva, Recruitment Consultant at Just IT Recruitment

We have a friendly and vibrant environment

We believe that no one should ever dread a Monday morning again which is why we create a happy environment where everyone can take control over their work and have fun! We believe in open door policies at Just IT as we find it important for our colleagues to be able to approach anyone.

“Just IT is a place where you can walk to your line manager, managing director, COO or even CEO and ask questions where you know there will be an answer. It’s good to know you’re supported and not see your team members as a competition. Our workplace is where we get inspired, be the best we can and share our ideas.” – Mahyar Rezaei, Recruitment Consultant at Just IT Recruitment

We have a great benefits package

We want our colleagues to get the most out of the work they put into our company, which is why we offer a great variety of benefits for them.

“Having access to benefits such as the season ticket travel loan has really helped me make the most out of being in London, as well as increasing holiday days to be able to take the time off to do this! There’s a variety of benefits that I haven’t managed to tap into all of them yet (definitely not the gym), but I know my colleagues have used the eye care vouchers and blood donation days. And who doesn’t love the company events?! – Katharine Norris, Quality Manager at Just IT Training and Apprenticeships

We understand our colleagues’ career goals

We focus on what our colleagues want out of their careers and we do everything possible to try and make that happen for them. We have regular meetings with our staff and discuss their career aspirations, giving us a clearer understanding of their interests and goals.

“Just IT has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and progress within the company. I know what my strengths are and where I want to go in the future.” – Paul Crisp, Employer Engagement Team Leader at Just IT Training and Apprenticeships

Support for additional training and learning is always available

We never cap our colleagues’ learning, we encourage them to develop their skills and knowledge which will benefit them in their role in the long run. Facing challenges is what helps overcome them, whether that’s through experience or training, the support is always there.

“I have received plenty of support from peers and senior members of staff during my time at Just IT. This has helped me develop my professional and personal growth immensely and makes Just IT a delightful place to work.” – Gemma Mariotti, Pre-Employment Team Leader at Just IT Training and Apprenticeships

Our colleagues don’t need to own companies to be entrepreneurs

Giving colleagues the independence to take responsibility over their own tasks proves trust and increases motivation. We don’t believe in micromanaging employees; we want them to have freedom with the way they manage their work loads. This benefits both our colleagues and the business.

“I have full ownership over my work and the buck stops with me. It is my responsibility to ensure I deliver. That said, if I’m struggling or feel I need help, there is always someone to ask and willing to give advice. This benefits me because it gives me the opportunity and drive to achieve my goals, make a real impact and learn new skills all the time. And when you do well, there’s a genuine sense of ‘winning’ which is quite awesome.” – Jessica Barker, Recruitment Consultant at Just IT Recruitment

Fast growing company with a lot of opportunities available

Our company has come a long way since it first started. We are consistently growing; we have had a number of promotions and pay rises in the last 12 months. There is career planning available for everyone. There’s informal and formal training, coaching and mentoring that allows our colleagues to grow with the company.

“When I initially started my role, I didn’t know where it would take me. My manager saw my potential and supported me a lot. I have been working here for 18 months and I can happily say I have been promoted and I see a clear career path.” – Robert Morgan, Candidate Relationship Consultant at Just IT Training and Apprenticeships

We have great social events

As a company we like to interact with one another and celebrate our colleagues’ success. We feel that hosting these events are a way of giving back to those who have put in hard effort to keep our company delivering great levels of service.

“I really enjoy the events. They’re a great way for all of us to socialise with one another. At Just IT we’re a social bunch and everyone immerses themselves into the culture. Our events are a true reflection of what we are as a company, and that’s celebrating our success and having fun.” – Emmanuel Ntombura, Recruitment Consultant at Just IT Recruitment

We give back to the community

We are a people orientated business which drives us to do more for charity and the community. We like to give back and we host a variety of events to raise money. With our company donating £20,000 to charity last year, we have a separate group in the business called The Network where we come up with new ideas to get everyone engaged. We take part in events such as Alzheimer’s Singing for the Brain, Rough Runner, Karaoke, Charity Football Matches and many more!

“Just IT loves giving money to charity, money raised from dress down, charity bake offs and other activities allow staff to donate money to good causes. It also helps that the company matches the money raised by staff. I always love the Christmas auction…Where people ridiculously outbid one another to win the best prizes.” – Umar Javed, Programme Manager at Just IT Training and Apprenticeships

Want to find out more about why Just IT is such a brilliant place to work? Give us a call on 020 7426 9835 to speak with one of our Recruitment consultants or visit our website here to see the latest vacancies.