The trick to overcome any interview

victoria worrell

9th January 2017

We all dream of the perfect interview with an interviewer with a similar character who understands how valuable your skillset and experience is. Sadly the dream is hardly ever the reality. But where would be the fun if you didn’t have a challenge to win over your future managers of your perfect job?

We’ve compiled the top character types that could be facing you in your next interview and how to work with their personality.

The Robot

This is the interviewer that you cannot read. They ask you questions in a monotonal voice, as if they are reading from a list with a stern poker face that doesn’t give anything anyway.

Not only is this a difficult character because you can’t gauge whether or not they like you but also because you’re not sure how you can act in the environment. Follow their lead and keep it professional with short and precise answers. It wouldn’t be recommended to try and make light of the situation with a few nervous jokes as they may not be very well received.

The Hyperactive

The opposite of the robot, the hyperactive is full of energy, so much so that they are constantly firing questions at you, agreeing intensely at your answers before moving onto something new.

Your body language should be open and be warm towards them. They are energetic and will be looking for the same energy from you. Show your passion for the role and be thorough with your answers, make them listen to you. Do not be deterred if they interrupt you, it is not a bad sign or a reflection of your performance. Ask them questions about the department and wider company, their long-term focuses and what they are looking for in an employee. The hyperactive are keen to talk and this will also show how interested you are in the position.

The Best Friend

This interviewer may appear to possess the best character as the interview quickly turns from questions about your skills to a discussion on the same programmes you both like to watch. The interviewer will put you at ease straight away so you feel comfortable and confident however, there are downfalls. Whilst the interviewer is asking about your personal life and hobbies they are not learning about why you are suitable for the role and what talent you can bring to the company. It’s very easy to get caught up in casual conversation and walk out thinking you’ve answered all questions perfectly – but they weren’t the answers they truly needed to know.

Be aware that this person is looking for a connection so go with their flow but take the opportunity to ask about the role itself and the company. This will help the interviewer keep focus too. It’s never a bad thing that you have already a formed a relationship with a senior employer in the business, but highlight why you should work there – because you’re the perfect candidate.

The Uninterested

The uninterested make you fully aware that they are busy and do not really have time to spare for this interview. They fire out questions, half-heartedly listening and nodding unenthusiastically. They do not hide the fact that they would and should be somewhere else. This type of interviewer is your biggest challenge.

Keep your calm and do not be deterred by their attitude and body language. Your answers need to be direct and to the point. Do not get annoyed by their response and their lack of interest, stay professional and polite throughout the interview, mirroring their character will not work in this scenario. You need to take into consideration that for the most part this is not their main job and while they may appear to be uninterested in doing it, it may also be a reflection of their nerves.

Interviews can be a minefield and you never know who you will be facing in the meeting room. Follow the interviewers lead and take a minute to analyse the environment, from there you will know how to act and respond to the answers. Remember that the interview is your chance to see if you like the company too. Do not overthink it or worry, you are playing a certain character in front of them, as they are with you. Relax, think your answers through and calmly respond. Showcase your talent, skills and character, this way you’ll overcome any persona that greets you in the boardroom.

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