UK Workers Strive But Fail To Strike The Perfect Work/Life Balance

victoria worrell

11th October 2016

It’s a constant juggle trying to find the perfect balance between your work and personal life. As soon as one part is on track, the other half starts falling by the wayside. According to OnePoll’s survey, which released the results in September 2016, we are not alone when we feel the backlash of work on our private lives.

The survey asked 2,000 UK workers about their relationship between personal and work life and revealed a fascinating albeit concerning insight into how work can impact the home. Over a third (35%) of respondents felt that their work schedule had a detrimental impact on relationships. Nearly 1 in 5 said that their job had caused arguments with their partner and 8% blamed work on the breakdown of their relationships.

Striking the right balance between your work and personal life will always be an ongoing challenge, there is no clear cut solution. Where extended hours are a culture, you can start to feel that work is encroaching into your private life but be open and honest with your boss or someone of influence. Let them know how your current work schedule is putting a strain on not only your relationships with others but also your own mental health. If you feel it cannot change in your current culture, then a little bit of research shows how many innovations other companies are coming up with to address this – there are great options out there.

We all have a choice – make sure your quality of life is balanced enough for you.

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