Want To Secure The Best Talent? Move Fast!

Mark Freire

26th January 2018

In a candidate short market, clients need to ensure they do all they can to secure the best talent quickly.

A number of factors, including skills shortages across multiple industries, have given candidates a lot of freedom in job hunting, so any complications or difficulties can encourage them to simply look elsewhere.

By refining your recruitment process, you can make sure you secure the best talent for your organisation.

Interview fast but efficiently

Everyone wants detailed interviews, but this doesn’t mean it needs to take long. A candidate might have several interviews lined up for a week, meaning that any doubt or vague timelines will force them to move on to other opportunities. So, by refining your interview process, you gain a much better chance of securing the strongest candidates.

Be clear about the exact set of skills and experience you want to fill the position, with a reasonable 2 side of A4 job specification as a foundation. This forces you to analyse exactly what you want, and will save you countless wasted hours interviewing the wrong candidates.

The grass isn’t always greener

What if there’s someone else who’s even better? The search for that ‘perfect’ candidate will lead you to lose a strong candidate that could be a great fit for the role. Having defined requirements/a job spec is important, but if a candidate is a perfect fit apart from weakness in one area, then your hunt could be over.

Candidates value any training/investment their organisation gives them, and it can even help you retain the best talent moving forward. So, don’t get bogged down in the search for perfection if it means letting great candidates go.

Failure to sell your company

With the freedom of choice in the hands of candidates, many organisations have forgotten the fact that the interview is a two-way process. Your company is getting a feel for the skills and personality of the candidate, but the candidate is also assessing whether or not they can see themselves working in this environment.

Make sure the interviewer is well informed on your company, or at the very least the area the candidate will be working in. The ideal interviewer has experience establishing a rapport with new people, and will be enthusiastic throughout the process. The interview should highlight what makes your company stand out from the pack, and why the candidate would be so wise to take a role there (if offered). The position you’re filling will give you an idea of the candidate you’re looking for, so be sure to tailor the interview process to their priorities and you won’t lose the strongest talent because of a weak pitch.

Don’t keep quiet

It may take some time to make the decisions, but make sure you keep communicating.

Candidates will start to move on if they’ve not heard from you. Don’t just use email to contact candidates, even if it’s easier. A quick call or even a text just to give a candidate an update of the stage they’re at will keep them engaged. It’s worth keeping these messages conversational, and building a relationship with the candidate rather than the default recruitment response. “Thank you for your time on Tuesday. We’ll be in touch shortly. Let me know if you have any other questions”. Take an interest in your candidates, and this will be remembered.

Time Time Time

You’ve got tonnes of other things to do, right? Meetings to attend, projects to outline and reports to produce? Well your potential new hire isn’t going to wait around. Make hiring your priority because in a candidate short market, they have the power to pick and choose. By refining your interviews, selling your organisation and setting out with a clear idea of what the position needs, you’ll secure the best talent.

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