We Can Fill Any IT Seat

Mark Freire

31st March 2015

At Just IT Recruitment we like to keep things as straightforward as possible for our clients. So when it came to creating our new marketing material, we thought long and hard about how to communicate our services in a clear, honest and open way.

Here is the result.

What makes us different?

Our strength as a specialist IT recruiter isn’t about delivering a one-off hiring service – although this is something we can do. Our strength is in working with clients to provide a long-term recruitment service capable of delivering all their current and future talent requirements. From a junior apprentice eager to develop their skills, right through to senior talent ready to hit the ground running. In short, we have the contacts and network to fill any IT seat.

Of course, it is not just what we do that is important. It is how we do it. Our unique relationship with Just IT Training and Just IT Apprenticeships provides us with access to an exclusive talent pool of trained candidates ready for entry-level roles. Add in the extensive network we have built up over 14 years of training and working with IT professionals and a search-led methodology, and you can appreciate how we outperform other recruitment agencies when it comes to sourcing talent.

We pride ourselves on being creative and innovative in ensuring your recruitment campaigns are a total success.

Here is more information about each of our services.

Permanent Roles

We have dedicated Networking & Infrastructure and Development recruitment divisions to source and engage high quality candidates for both common and specialist IT/Digital roles in the UK and beyond.

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Contract Roles

Working with our extensive network of contractors, we can meet your non-permanent IT demands with candidates ranging from entry-level to over 10 years experience.

We have dedicated contracting teams for both Networking & Infrastructure and Development providing fully screened candidates with specialist expertise willing to hit the ground running.

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Entry Level

Many forward thinking companies are investing at entry level to secure their future talent.

Our unique relationship with Just IT Training and Apprenticeships gives us exclusive access to a unique talent pool of qualified candidates ready for a range of entry-level positions – from Networking & Infrastructure to Web or Software Development

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Work Placements

Our innovative work placement scheme allows clients to trial and test preferred entry-level candidates for 4-8 weeks prior to offering a permanent position.

Free from obligation and recruitment fees, work placements provide employers with an unprecedented insight into a potential employee’s attitude and work performance.

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Just IT Apprenticeships place over 450 promising young adults into London businesses each year.

Funded by government grants, our IT Apprenticeships are a highly cost-effective way to introduce fresh talent, show your CSR commitment, and secure your future recruitment needs in an increasingly skill short market.

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Commercial Training

As a leading IT training supplier and broker, Just IT can provide scheduled and bespoke training courses for all sizes of business. With access to the best rates from all major providers, we can maximise the value of your IT training budget.

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Want to talk to someone about our services?

Obviously, we would love to speak to you. Email Lee Dempster on leed@justit.co.uk, call a member of our team on 020 7426 9835, or complete the form below.