What’s holding you back from starting a new career?

victoria worrell

17th August 2016

Waking up in the morning, resisting the urge to hit the snooze button again on your alarm and feeling the dread of having to get ready and go to work. When this is more than just the Monday morning dread you know it’s time to start looking for a new role.

But what if your passion and dream job is in a completely different field to where your career is now? It’s easy to carry on and endure going to work, going home and not enjoying your work life, but why should you?

We look at 5 factors that people perceive to be barriers and how you can overcome your belief in order to take the leap and pursue your dream career.


Age is never a factor to not get a role however, this is a personal barrier that is mentally placed as people believe that it can impact them negatively. It doesn’t. It’s easy to feel that when you get to a certain age that you are no longer seen as desirable as young people who have just left university or have experience in the latest technologies are quicker to adapt and learn the latest developments. This is not the case.

Even though you are looking to move to a new career you will have learnt skills in your career that are transferable and over the years you will have adapted and learnt new technologies. Highlight these in your CV to show that you already have a strong skillset and want to expand it in the field you’re looking to enter. Sell your passion for the role you want, explain why you’re looking for a change in career and how your previous work experience makes you more than able to fulfill the job criteria.


Changing your career path may mean that your experience in that field isn’t as strong as what you’d want it to be. That shouldn’t hold you back though.

Take advantage of your current employer and ask your manager to be given more work or training within the area you want to work in. Your eagerness to learn something new will show your boss that you want to develop. The uncertainty of the UK since Brexit will lead to companies wanting to retain their employees and keep their workplace as stable as possible. Asking for experience in a different area that is out of your current remit will reflect that you want to progress in the company and not move and can only be seen as a positive.


Obtaining the right qualifications can be a necessity when looking to change career. Research the role that you want and find out what is being asked of the candidate. Don’t be deterred by the qualifications as they are the initial indicator to both recruiters and hiring managers that you are capable to do the role and have the knowledge that they are after.

If you feel that you don’t have time to study full-time alongside your day job, there are e-learning courses that give you the flexibility to complete qualifications in your own time without having to leave the house once you’ve got in from work. Alternatively, you could take annual leave and complete an intensive course in a short space of time. These qualifications act as buzz words that will be searched for so don’t let time hold you back from getting your foot on the career ladder you want to be on.


One of the biggest barriers that people perceive they face is the likelihood of taking a pay cut. This might well be the case if the career you want to enter requires working at a lower level in order to gain a deeper understanding of the technologies and processes used within it.

Plan for a reduced pay by saving and preparing yourself for the move. Remember that the long term benefit of pursuing the career you want will outweigh the short term monetary loss. Look beyond salary too. Compensation is increasing amongst companies who involve this within their pay and benefits package.
Is your career aspiration worth more than the salary you are currently receiving?


Today’s job market is extremely competitive and you need to stand out from the sea of applicants that will be applying for the same roles as you. One way to overcome this is through research.

Take a look at a handful of job specs for the role you want and highlight the experience, qualifications and characteristics that appear in all of them. Match these against your own CV and emphasise these qualities within it. Make sure to use the right buzzwords too as job boards use the Boolean search in order to filter results for people searching for candidates. If you do not there is a great chance that you will go unnoticed.

Still holding back?

There are many factors that come into play when you want to embark on a new career that will hold you back. However, these are perceived barriers that can all be overcome. Get that Monday morning feeling – the one where you look forward to work.

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