Why Google Becoming Alphabet Is Great For Your IT Career

Mark Freire

17th August 2015

Never has a corporate restructuring made so many headlines. But then again, there has never been another company like Google. The search giant recently announced that it was changing its name – well sort of. Google would become part of a larger group called Alphabet. A group which would contain a whole range of different companies working on many different things. Largest amongst them – at least for the time being – would be Google.

There have been theories abound as to why Alphabet has been created – from an elaborate tax dodge, to a diabolical plan to enslave us all to AI overlords. Yet the general consensus is that Alphabet shows that Google doesn’t want to be limited by its name. They want the freedom to experiment and push technological development in a whole range of different areas without failures tainting the Google name. In the world of Alphabet, Google Glass would probably never have been called Google Glass.

So why is Alphabet such good news for your IT or digital career? The answer is simple. If Google don’t want to stop being able to experiment and fail, then they are going to keep pushing forward technological development. And this means new opportunities for everyone in the tech sector. Google aren’t just interested in creating products. They are interested in platforms and infrastructure which support whole industries of innovators. Take Android or the Google Apps store, Google Play as an example. How many start-ups and developers owe their existence to the OS, marketplace and tools Google have created?

So looking forward, you can be confident that when Alphabet finally launch something like self-driving cars onto our roads, they will also launch the ability for independent companies and developers to create useful new applications, tools and equipment for car owners. Would the same happen if autonomous vehicle development was led by Mercedes, Ford or General Motors? – probably not.

Whether you are a fan of Google or not, it’s hard to deny the impact they have had on the speed of technological development and the growth of the global IT and digital sector. Even if you don’t work with Google products yourself, the high availability of tech jobs and growth in IT salaries is at least partly due to their innovation and investment driving forward the sector.

The good news about the change of name to Alphabet is that it demonstrates that this innovation and investment isn’t going to slow down any time soon. In fact Alphabet’s involvement across a greater range of sectors suggests it is only going to speed up. Which really is good news for the IT and digital sector and of course your IT career.

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