4 Reasons Why You Should Work with Recruiters

Mark Freire

25th October 2018

Few people enjoy job hunting.

For most, looking for a new role is an exhaustive, depleting task. Whether you want to change what you do or get paid more to do it, not enjoying your current role can sap your motivation to find a new one.

Enter, recruiters. If you know what you want out of your new role, whether it’s a new location, industry or salary – it’s their job to help.

This image is about working with recruiters.

1. Recruiters are motivated to help you

When it comes to finding you a new job – recruiters are the experts.

Whether helping you to realise your full potential or just giving you a change of location to suit your personal life, when you contact recruiters their goal is to place you into a role you want, that also meets their client’s needs.

This means no filling out lengthy applications without any kind of response, not trawling through job boards like Indeed for hoping to find a suitable role, and not interviewing for a position that doesn’t match the job description.

2. Recruiters have existing relationships

Specialist recruiters often have first access to positions that might not be advertised elsewhere.

Over time recruiters and recruitment agencies build trust with the companies they work with, who will then rely on them to fill specialist roles. When an agency does fill a difficult role, hiring managers will remember this, knowing it will save them time and money when recruiting for other roles later on.

So, by reaching out to a recruiter or agency that specialises in your sector – you’ll be getting the fast track to some of their hottest roles, provided you’ve got the skills.

3. Recruiters know your worth

Placing multiple candidates every month in a range of roles means that there are few people who better understand what salary your skills deserve.

As long as you’re clear about your expectations from the start, and your expectations are realistic, the recruiter will only search for roles that fit this.

It’s worth checking an average salary tool for your sector or role – while not perfect it will help you build a picture of what you’re worth. In many cases recruiters earn a commission based on your first years’ salary (that doesn’t come out of your pocket) so they’ll be driven to help you progress.

They’ll be able to make your case to their clients about your value and work with you to make sure you demonstrate your nail the interview.

4. Recruiters do the work for you

The best part of using a recruiter, is the hands-off approach. With a fresh CV, a phone call or two about what direction you want to head for, recruiters can get the ball rolling for you.

Not only is this much more convenient, but it’s also a much more efficient way to search for a new role. Recruiters will liaise with their existing clients and cover much more ground than you would be able to in the spare hour or two after work, or at the weekends.

This also means less interviews– recruiters don’t like to waste time, so if you’re not right for a role they won’t put you forward for it.

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