Why won’t you take our £500?

Mark Freire

30th October 2017

How much effort would you put into getting a free Xbox? Or a free flight to New York? Or a free dinner and night at the Ritz?

How about just completing this short form?

At JITR we offer a referral fee simply for telling us about a friend looking for a new job, or someone you know looking to hire someone new. If anyone you introduce becomes gets a job or hires with us, we will pay you £500.

It is so simple that we are always surprised that more people don’t do it.

So what is stopping you making a referral and earning yourself some extra money?

My friends already have jobs.
The vast majority of people we work with are already in jobs. However nobody should let amazing opportunities pass them by – especially if their personal and professional development is being limited. Suggesting a chat with us to discuss what is going on in the market can only be a good thing.

You will bombard them with sales calls.
That is not the way we work. We will simply give them a call or email, mention your name and ask if they would like a chat. If they do, great. If they don’t then they can politely decline.

I am sure there is a catch.
There really isn’t. Our referral page tells you all the details you need to know but the rules are very clear. We are often sending £500 cheques out – just ask our Finance Manager.

I don’t know anyone who works in Tech.
Yes we specialise in tech and development, but we have an Operations team too helping people into new roles within HR, Marketing, Business and Office Support.

My friend is not looking for something permanent.
They don’t need to be. We also pay the exact same referral of £500 for contracting roles as long as they work a minimum of 12 weeks – even if that is in more than one company.

I feel bad making £500 for so little effort.
We know it is tough, but without you none of the great things would have happened for us or your friend. Besides no one is telling you how to spend it. Split it with your friend, take them out for a celebratory meal for the new job (somewhere much nicer than Nandos!), or donate it to charity. The choice is yours.

Got other reasons we can’t give you £500? Please post them in the comments below and we will do our best to help you overcome them.

** It is your responsibility to declare the additional income to HMRC directly.  Please be aware that JITR hold no responsibility for your tax and NI contributions relating to this payment **